1 cedi, 1 Naira to other currencies on the black market 590 per dollar

African currencies happens not to be doing well against the world giant currencies. The Naira as at Thursday traded at whooping 590 per dollar.

And the Ghanaian cedis at 8.2/$

Lets compare the Ghanaian Cedis to some of the countries around us that we trade with.

1 cedi = 54.06 Nigerian Naira

1 dollar equals  414.53 Nigerian Naira and black market exchange rate at 590 Naira/$

1 dollar is equivalent to 7.67 Ghanaian Cedi but black market price at 8.0/8.1 per $

1 dollar = 606.82 West African CFA franc

1 cedi = 79.14 West African CFA franc

1 Chinese yuan = 1.20 Ghanaian Cedi

1 dollar = 6.37 Chinese Yuan

1 pound sterling = 10.02 Ghanaian Cedi

1 Euro = 8.29 Ghanaian Cedi


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