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1 Laptop 1 Modem per Teacher Policy , will it affect PDA (Allowance)?-GNAT

The Ghana National Association of Teachers in 2020 advocated for one Laptop one modem per teacher, to enhance learning.

This policy was pushed and together with the other teacher unions and GES, the Teacher Laptop initiative was passed with a lot of controversies. Some Teachers are yet to receive their Laptops.

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Teachers didn’t know  the Laptop initiative was a target on their Professional Development allowance, but took it in good fate.

A very good initiative accepted by all until the deductions hit their allowance.

For some of us the laptop has still been helpful, that is what I download my science lesson videos for class with; which makes lesson very interesting. Typing this document too, it’s by the help of TM1.

The laptop has some issues, The volume can go off completely for days and come back when it’s happy.

The Wi-Fi can also go missing for days but the battery is that strong. I will also recommend they change the position of the power button since pressing the backspace key can touch that side to switch off the machine.

Now back to the package.

The package that was spoken off was a laptop and a modem, how do we connect to the internet? where are the modems and why was the modem not part of the earlier agreement or it has just been sidelined.

Should the teacher Unions bring the modem policy on board, will it be against allawa? or it’s part of the earlier deal.

Here is the report filed by 3news in 2020

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is advocating a “one laptop and one modem per teacher” policy to support teachers in enhancing learning experience of students amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Interacting with teachers at it’s 2020 Stakeholders Forum, President of GNAT Philippa Larson noted that teachers have been doing a lot for themselves hence a “One Laptop and Modem per Teacher” policy will serve as a motivation to them in this period.


“As educationists and practitioners, we have done a lot to support education. We have done a lot for ourselves but this time we are asking the communities, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, and the government to come in to support us with one laptop per teacher, one modem per teacher to support all the things we have done and that will be enough motivation for all teachers here in Ghana,

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” she said. Madam Philipa Larson further commended teachers for their hard work in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. She noted that despite the closure of schools in the country, “teachers have gathered pupils in their communities and are taking them through education” in a bid to keep interacting with their students.

Madam Philipa Larson advised parents to allow their children to participate in the television, radio and other forms of e-learning lessons.


She further entreated teachers to continue adhering to Covid-19 protocols as second-year students of both Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools return to school October 5, 2020, to study and write their end-of-term examinations.

“While observing the GNAT week right from now, let’s continue to observe the national protocols on covid-19 so that we can stay safe and healthy,” she cautioned.

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The GNAT 2020 Stakeholders Forum featured three speakers – Prof. Jophus Anamuah-Mensah, Former Vice Chancellor of UEW, Prof. Smile Dzisi, Former Rector of the Koforidua Technical University and Dr. Michael Boakye-Yiadom of UCC. They spoke on the theme: ‘Teacher Leadership In Developing Crisis Education Response’.





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