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2022 BECE Timetable Updated Download; New Format For Examination to Prevent Cheating


The West African Examination Council has released the 2022 BECE Timetable.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has released the final timetable for 2022 Basic School Certificate Examination for both public and Private candidates.

Monday 1 7 th October, 2022

Social Studies and ICT

Tuesday,1 8 th  October, 2022

Mathematics and BDT

19th October, 2022

English Language and RME

20th October, 2022

Integrated science and Ghanaian Language

21st October, 2022



There are few twist to the questions to prevent cheating.

The examination will not follow the same pattern as seen in the previous examination except that of last year where the questions are mixed.

Every District happens to get their own unique questions with every centre and candidates getting theirs too.

Your questions in terms of standard is the same through out, question one (1) for example may be knowledge base questions, it will be same for all candidates just the way the question might be asked will make it look different.

The West African Examination Council has seen some major examination malpractices over the years and is trying hard to seal those loop holes in the system.

Some recalcitrant fellows will solve the questions immediately they see it and quickly spread it on social media.

This time, if you are a candidate, and you receive such answers, know that you are doomed. This is because the questions are not the same, even if they are the same the arrangement of keys are different.

2022 WASSCE has Started get the Papers

List of Prescribed Texts for WASSCE 2022

You can download the original timetable here.


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