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We find it very fascinating as Teachers across the country complain bitterly about their salaries and the struggle they go through just to survive  the month.

In recent years, the teaching job has been taken by Young men in the country not because of the money but the interest they gather over the years. Immediately they are employed ,they face reality and realize it is not all about interest, your paycheck also count.

We are in Ghana, and Teachers salary as terrible as it might be, we will see for ourselves by comparing the average salaries from various countries. We will try to convert all to US Dollars for easy comparison.

The comparison  will be mostly on government school.

Salary Structure

The Ghana government school teachers are paid base on their certificate, Rank and Years of Service. Most Government workers get minute allowances, teachers only see money in their account at the end of the month or during promotion which takes long time to come. Even with that it is  something very small that is added.

 Ranks at Ghana Education Service (GES)

Director General

Deputy Director

Assistant Director I

Assistant Director II

Principal Superintendent  – Fresh Graduates from the university with educational backgrounds(Degree in           Educational Courses)

Senior Superintendent I

Senior Superintendent II

Superintendent II

Superintendent I

Teacher  – Fresh from College of Education or Having Diploma in Basic Education. To move to the upper ranks you need a minimum of 4 years teaching experience.

Government workers in the country are paid base on a single spine structure

The Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) is one of the major components of the Single Spine Pay Policy (SSPP) introduced by the Government of Ghana and got implemented in 2010, to regulate the payment of public service workers especially those under article 190 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana. Well, it came with a lot of challenges yet that  system is being used now. Base on ones certificate, regardless of where one works,  the person receives the same base salary. Other allowances are added depending on where you work.

For teachers, nothing has been  added until recently when a professional development allowance has been given at the end of the year; which has also come with a lot of issues.

The teacher Professional allowance at the end of the year is about Ghc 1,200 equivalent to US $ = 170.00 even with this amount there are deductions made.


Teachers Salary in some  Countries. Net Salary for newly Employed. Experienced Teachers earn little more.

Country Salary (net salary) per month Salary in US Dollars $ per month
Ghana (Basic School Teacher) Ghc 1, 600 $ 226
Ghana ( SHS/ Technical School Teachers) Ghc 2,000 $ 283
Ghana( University Lecturers)


Ghc 4,000 $ 565
Burkina Faso XOF 168,000 $ 280
Nigeria Niara 250,000 $ 601
Togo XOF 193, 000 $ 321
Cote d’ivoire XOF 171,000  $ 285
USA ( High School) depends on state Ghc 290, 511 $ 4, 010
Canada Ghc 21, 774 $ 3, 073.75
UK Pounds 1, 333 $ 1, 763
China RMB 20, 000 $ 2, 800


In recent times, a lot of teachers are even moving to other countries to teach where they can make meaningful amount of money. There is a woman who earns 1,500 = $ 211 in Ghana as a Teacher has started earning Ghc 9, 000 = $ 1, 270 in Vietnam.

Travelling outside for better opportunities is really not a bad idea but one must be careful.

It’s high time our Government pay Teachers something nice to reduce these Brain-drain and the huge financial burden on Teachers.



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