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2023 Proposed dates for Validation, Salary Payment to Public sector workers and COLA

The information we provide are for audience who are in specifically groups with us and ask questions for clarity.  You can always alert us if you have issues.

It’s another new year and  salaries are depleted already. ooh except You. ……


Here we present to you the proposed dates for salary payment by the controller and accountant General’s Department to public sector workers and When Validation windows are expected to be opened.

Here is what you didn’t know.

Controller payment dates are not pay days. When Controller pays, it doesn’t hit your account Directly, it goes to the bank to be loaded before you’re credited. GCB happens to be one of the Banks to Credit first. ADB Can Also Surprise you.

January salary is expected to be paid on 24th by the Controller, this means validation window will be opened between  18th January 2023 to 20th January 2023.

Do not expect any Alert on 24th because this is the date Controller pays or gives Green light for payment, within three (3) days, if things work fast or Five working days,   this becomes available to hit the individual workers account at  GCB  or ADB. This can be  for example validation on 20th means salary will be paid 23rd and by 25th -28th January 2023 salaries will be paid.

Don’t be deceived you’re receiving salary on 24th January 2023.

Other Banks aside GCB or ADB may take longer than 3 days before crediting your account as they receive Paychecks to load.

Note that this dates are not fixed… Any System upgrade, Economy situations, workers condition at controller can all affect the dates provided below.

Here are some few things that may have delayed salaries… old file We don’t have challenges, salaries will be paid on time – CAGD assures


Controller staff threaten to halt validation Services for Public sector workers-Details

We will also change the date from time to time to reflect the accurate payment dates when any issue pops up. feel free to come back for updates

It has Started raining at ADB, you’ll also feel the rain soon

currently here are the available dates to start counting to .

Month Validation date Controller payment GCB Quick Alert
January 18th to 20th 24th 26th to 27th
February 17th to 21nd 24th 27th to 28th
March 18th to 22nd 24th 27th to 28th
April 19th to 22nd 25th 28th
May 19th to 22nd 25th 29th
June 19th  to 22nd 26th 28th
July 19th to 22nd 25th 28th
August 18th to 21st 25th 28th
September 18th to 21st 25th 28th
October 20th to 23rd 24th 28th
November 15th to 18th 24th 28th
December 15th to 18th 20th 22nd


In determining the 2023 NDMW, the NTC took into account the current economic challenges, cost of living, sustainability of businesses and desirability of attaining higher level of employment, as well as the need for rapid restoration of macroeconomic stability.

The Committee concluded that A Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA) of 15% over the 2023 National Daily Minimum Wage and the effective date for the implementation of the 2023 NDMW shall be 1st January 2023.

Read more Explanations to the NLC 10% Minimum wage and 15 % COLA for 2023

COLA Ended December, 2022 and effective January 1st 30% Base pay increment.

30% Conclusions made on 12th January Public Sector Base Pay Negotiations

CAGD (GOG) How to Change Association on Epayslip Portal- NEW

Check for such comment below this post 30% Conclusions made on 12th January Public Sector Base Pay Negotiations

How to make Accurate Calculations of the 30% Base Pay increment to Public Sector Workers

MOE requested GH¢302.4 million for 2023 recruitment of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

Here is another topic that ended 2022 Biometric Tracking of Public Sector workers attendance by GoG effective Jan. 2023

How to get your claims after terminating with an Association/Union

Revised Kakum National Park 2023 Working days, Fees , Canopy Walk and Tour

Revised Kakum National Park 2023 Working days, Fees , Canopy Walk and Tour

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30 days ago

In fact don’t misinform the public.
The cola is agreed to end on December 2022.
Base pay negotiations has been adjourned indefinitely please

30 days ago
Reply to  Collins

Please the information above is not misinformation its true

29 days ago
Reply to  Collins

It is true Collins, the finance minister said that during the budget reading. this news agency is the best I have ever come up with. they should keep up the good work

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