2024 Public Sector Salary increment Overview in selected Countries as Unions all over fight for better conditions

Ghana, USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe etc

2023 Public Sector Salary increment Overview in selected Countries as Unions all over fight for better conditions

Public sector salary negotiations across the globe have been tuff as the cost of living soars.

As if it’s a tug of war, and learning from experience, all Public Sector workers and their Unions want to bridge the gap between Politicians’ salaries and their salaries.

Some countries have ended their negotiations with workers being happy about the outcome and some, not even trusting the accepted percentage as to whether it will be paid or not.

Here are some countries and the increment given.

Some countries negotiate every year, and considering the economic situation they do their bargains, if the accepted increment later does not support the workers they request for Cost of Living allowance.

Some others request two/three years ahead.

Starting from Ghana

Public sector negotiations ended with the government offering a 30% Base pay increment for 2023 where unions initially requested 60%. Mostly Yearly negotiations.

30% Conclusions made on 12th January Public Sector Base Pay Negotiations


The government has recommended offering millions of public sector workers below-inflation pay increases.

Judges, police officers, teachers, nurses doctors, and dentists in England will be offered a 3.5% pay increase under the proposals.

Various government departments published their evidence to pay review bodies for the 2023-24 financial year, starting in April.

England public sector workers offered a 3.5% Pay rise

South Africa

The government initially started with a 4.7% base pay increment, an offer that met an outright rejection by the Unions, currently moving around 7.5%

According to Eyewitness News EWN Publication; Public service unions are close to clinching a two-year wage deal with the government, following tumultuous negotiations at the Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council (PSCBC).

The deal would include an average increase of 7.5% in the first year.

Read more about Public sector workers getting a 7.5% base pay increment in South Africa


President Biden officially proposed a 5.2% average pay raise for both civilian federal employees and military service members next year as part of his fiscal 2024 budget plan released Thursday.

The figure marks an increase over the 4.6% pay hike feds received in 2023.



On April 1, Canada is raising the federal minimum wage from $15.55 to $16.65 per hour for workers and interns in federally regulated private sectors.

Public sector workers’ salary increment in Canada; Minimum wage to increase to $16.65 per hour


Labor, Federal Government, and states set to negotiate workers’ pay rise

The Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Anambra State, Mrs. Chinwe Orizu, said salary increment by the Federal Government was long overdue. But Government raises Hope to increase salaries, the statement made in January 2023.


emoluments commission approved a 10.5% salary increment for public service workers for the year 2023 following the submission of the collective agreements after negotiations with the public service unions


The Zimbabwean government has announced an upward review of the salaries of civil servants, members of parliament, independent commissions, grant-aided institutions, and pensioners by 100%.

The increase is with effect from February 1 for the security sector and 1 April for the rest.

In a letter written to the Public Service Commission, Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary George Guvamatanga said Covid-19 allowances have been increased from US$200 to US$250 and teachers will also get a monthly teaching allowance of US$80.

Read More 100% salary increment for Govt civil servants; Zimbabwe


Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness says his administration is increasing the island’s minimum wage by 44% as the local economy rebounds

Read More Jamaican government to increase the minimum wage by 44%



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