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2023 Public sector workers base pay Negotiations referred to Peace Council to intervene.

2023 Public sector workers base pay Negotiations referred to National Peace Council to intervene.

GBC News has learnt that the National Peace Council is taking steps towards resolving the various disagreements between the government and organized labour amicably in the current rising tensions among worker unions in the country.

Update on Public sector Workers salary Negotiations

The Council has already engaged with the labour unions to get them to reach an agreement with the government in the matter of the ongoing new Base Pay for public sector employees on the Single Spine Structure for 2023, the negotiation of which has stalled following a breakdown in the discussions.

The Executive Secretary at the Ashanti Regional Secretariat of the Peace Council, Reverend Emmanuel Badu Amoah, made this known to GBC News.

The intervention by the Peace Council, according to the Executive Secretary, is pursuant to the Council’s mandate to pre-empt for resolution as well as amicable management of potential or real conflict that could disturb the general peace, safety, security and stability of the country.

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Touching on the recently announced government’s policy of the Debt Exchange Programme which has since ruffled feathers among the labour movement and other interested parties, Reverend Badu Amoah, assured that, the Council is not losing its guard in that matter and that there is an urgent need for all parties to appreciate the concerns of each other in the ultimate national interest.

 21% Plus COLA ; Public sector workers Salary Negotiations

Many are not happy with the Call, asking where National Peace Council was when Public sector workers were given 4% and 7% whilst others took 70%.

Social media circulations also have it that, Public sector workers from 2023 will be monitored closely by the Controller and Accountant Generals Department with a biometric attendance scheme.

Biometric Tracking of Public Sector workers attendance by GoG effective Jan. 2023

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Yabone Seth
Yabone Seth
December 9, 2022 6:03 pm

It is good this matter has been referred to the National Peace Council. What l want the peace council to consider is how can one group of citizens enjoy all the time at the expense of the other group. Look at how long they have enjoyed article 71 and the way the public sector workers have been marginalized over the years.
If the politicians will come to the level of a Single Spine, we would have no problem but for them to be article 71 and we on the single spine no!
We must fight for article 71 to be amended. No retreat, no surrender!

Nana Boateng
Nana Boateng
December 12, 2022 11:41 am
Reply to  Yabone Seth

This is not national peace council matter. Where were they when public sector workers were given 4 and 7 percent last year. Ns3m hunu nkoaa na dabiara modi kyer3 y3n saa
If they know what’s good for them, then they should the needful. Salary negotiation isn’t about peace council. It’s about life and death. Nkwasea keka kwa

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