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A graduate teacher earns about US$ 1,200 in Seychelles

Teacher Export to Seychelles: A drop in an ocean; no cause for alarm. Kofi Asare
Seychelles has the highest adult literacy rate (95%) in Africa. With a population of 99,000, there are only 16,000 students in 35 Public Basic & Sec Schools on that island. That’s smaller than the education demographics of even La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal.
Other African nationals have migrated on their own and secured work permits to teach in Seychelles. Zambia appears to have the highest of about 79 teachers, after five years of exporting teachers through an MoU between both countries.
I don’t see Ghana exporting more than 50 teachers to that country, so forget about the concerns about possible impact on teacher supply in Ghana. The numbers are so tiny but the salary is good.
A graduate teacher earns about US$ 1,200 at entry level, with the highest earning about US$7,000, compared to Ghana’s $200 entry level salary.


At the moment, we are producing so much teachers from the Universities that are becoming an unemployment or underemployment burden, with thousands sleeping at home after graduating.
Let’s export when the opportunity avails.
Kofi Asare
25 Nii Torgbor Ave
East Legon
People fear Ghanaian teachers will run Seychelles as they requested for more teachers from Ghana.

Govt Workers to Demand 35% Salary Increment.

The President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Angel Carbonu, has said the request of the Seychelles government seeking to recruit more Ghanaian teachers has both positive and negative consequences, as it may deepen the attrition rate in the teaching field.

The President of Seychelles is requesting for more Ghanaian teachers to be sent to his country to boost their education system after the first batch of five Ghanaian teachers were sent there.

In an interview with Citi News, the President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers, Angel Carbonu, outlined the advantages and disadvantages of the latest development.

“It is a factor of demand and supply, and where the teacher gets fulfillment by way of enumeration, better working conditions, and what enhances his/her well being in life. We have a lot of professors and doctors working all over the world. If any country wants the services of a Ghanaian teacher and the teacher does his analysis and feels he/she will be fine outside the country, nothing stops him/her from resigning from the Ghana Education Service and joining wherever that needs their services.”

“I don’t think it is anything out of place, it does happen. So far as your citizens are protected, you can then as a government engage in an official arrangement. Nonetheless, we should not come to a conclusion that we have a glut of teachers in this country, it would be a wrong conclusion because the class sizes are still very enormous.”

credit: Inform Teachers Network/ Citi news online



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