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All workers in Ghana to Strike on 27th December, 2022

All workers in Ghana starting from 27th December, 2022 are to sit at Home until Government addresses their grievances concerning the debt. restructuring  Program.

In a press conference held by the  Organized Labour, on 19th December, 2022,

All workers will be laying down their tools should Government fail to re-think of it’s position on the debt restructuring program which will affect pension funds.

From now until the strike begins on 27th December, 2022 all workers should wear red attire and bands to work as a message to Government and all employers, that our Pension Funds be completely exempted from the debt exchange program.

Letter to Government earlier

Debt Exchange Programme.

We are by this letter demanding that all pension funds invested in government bonds should be completely exempted from the Domestic Debt Exchange programme. We further demand that within a week of receiving this letter government should publicly announce that all pension funds, including SSNIT, are exempted from the programme.

If Government fails to accede to this demand, we will advise ourselves. TUC

Read more TUC on Debt Exchange Programme, No recruitment , Salary increment issues for workers  Pension funds etc

Organised Labour declared an *Indefinite strike starting from 27th December* until Government announce publicly that Pension Funds are exempted from the Debt Restructuring Program.

This follows the letter released to Government to exempt pension funds from the debt exchange program

According to Organized Labour, this communique is the official Declaration of Strike, if by 27th December, 2022 Government doesn’t come to say anything meaningful, you should know that you’re not going to work until you hear from organised labour again.

If By 27th December, Government comes to  publicly announce the exemption of pension funds from the debt exchange program , another press conference will be held to call off the Strike.

Organised labour is to meet Government on 20th December, 2022 for Base pay negotiations which is also being dragged ……Public Sector workers; Continuation on negotiations on Base pay Invitation




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