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On the 28th of February and 1st of March, teachers in the country sat for promotion exams which, when they pass, qualify them to be promoted to the next rank in the service.

The examination was written for the Ranks of PS, ADII, ADI, DD, etc

The exams covered issues and current happenings in the service as well as some current affairs.


Here it is alleged by a concerned Teacher as published by ITN some Teachers are paying Bribes to be passed,

As to whether they’ll be genuinely passed or they’re being scammed we live to see.

According to the Teacher,

As soon as invigilation was over and “pens down” was shouted, the majority of the teachers began searching for people of influence they could bribe so that they could pass and be promoted.

Lo and behold, the teachers began to consult and group themselves by numbers and the amount of money each person in a group was to pay.

The money ranged from 500gh in the Eastern region to 2500gh. Whoever is collecting these large sums of money to pass them, only God knows.

Now my questions are:

Are the teachers bent on paying this bribe because the exams were difficult and they could not write?
Does everyone who wrote the exams want to pass?
Do the teachers fear that there will be a quota and they stand the risk of failing if they don’t pay?
There are several other questions that I cannot ask because of time and space.

As teachers, if we do this, what do we expect from the students we teach when they are going to write exams?

If you are a teacher and you have paid or are going to pay, and you have prevented a student from doing whatever it takes for him or her to pass their exams, bow your head in shame and go and ask for forgiveness from the students.

As teachers, we should set good examples for students to follow. If we want to pass exams so badly that we are paying a bribe, then when the students are writing exams, let us leave them to do whatever it takes for them to pass.

Bribery and corruption are becoming too endemic in the GES.

The School Placement Fraud Expose

Even to become a Headmaster/mistress or Assistant headmaster/Mistress, you have to pay your way through after going for interviews. Where is the nation called Ghana heading if something is not done about this promotion and bribery in the GES? By the next five years, your guess will be as good as mine in our schools.

A Concerned Teacher.

At seekersnewsgh we can say categorically we know teachers who didn’t sleep and learned tirelessly to be able to pass this exam genuinely.

They formed various study groups to learn, Seekersnewsgh also did its part as 90% of our Audience are Teachers, and provided them with materials we felt would help them pass, Thankfully majority came back to Thank us as the materials we provided helped them very well.

Actual ADI 2020 Promotion Past Questions and Answers

ADI GES Promotion Examination Past Questions and Answers Actual December 21

Revised Professional Ranks Placement in GES and Promotion Criteria.

Actual 2021 ADI Promotion Past Questions and Answers

Actual 2021 ADII Promotion Exams Past Questions with Answers Last D21

All About Learning Theories of Education (Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism.) and how they can be used in Teaching.

Lesson Planning. Classroom management. The motivation of students, evaluation of lessons, Quick Revision

It would be very sad to see these people who genuinely learned to be sidelined because someone paid a Ghc 2500 or more to be promoted.

There’s no smoke without fire, we urge the Authorities to quickly put measures in place to remove this canker and pass those who have passed and Fail those who didn’t learn to write.

First Published by Informed Teachers Network ITN

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Can this be True?x



Peter N. Djangmah is a multifaceted individual with a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and blogging. With a firm belief in the power of digital education and science, I am affectionately known as the Private Minister of Information. Connect with me
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Bismark Ofori Cudjoe
Bismark Ofori Cudjoe
March 6, 2023 2:26 pm

It’s quite unfortunate if not disappointing! Honestly, I don’t blame the teachers; I blame the failed system that has given way to this canker to rear its head.
The teachers must pass if they must be promoted. And someone would not allow that to happen because they must make more money 💵 at the expense of these vulnerable teachers. And because the teachers must pass so that there would be an upward adjustment of their salaries, they succumb to this rot of the system that has become a societal norm.

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