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Alleged GH₵300 Deductions in Teachers’ Professional Allowance for CPD Points by GES Sparks Social Media Controversy

Alleged GH₵ 300 Deductions in Teachers’ Professional Allowance for CPD Points by GES Sparks Social Media Controversy

27th July 2023. A recent meeting between the National Teaching Council (NTC) and union leaders has ignited a heated discussion on social media platforms. The focus of the meeting was the accumulation of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points and the subsequent deductions in teachers’ professional allowance.

According to the information circulating online, it has been suggested that the employer, the Ghana Education Service (GES), will deduct an amount of GH₵300.00 from teachers’ professional allowance. This has raised concerns among teachers and has become a topic of intense debate.

While the alleged meeting attendees included union leaders from major teacher unions such as GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT GH, as well as officials from the NTC and GES, no official communique has been released by either the NTC or GES regarding the circulated information.

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The main points of the alleged agreements reached during the meeting are as follows:

1. CPD points for all ranks will be reduced from a minimum of 85 to 60 for a period of three years.
2. Teachers will need to accumulate twenty points each year.
3. The employer will cover 60%(12 points) of the required CPD points per year.
4. NTC will establish an online portal for teachers to self-initiate online CPD workshops, providing them with 20% (4 points) of the required CPD points for free each year.
5. Teachers will be required to attend two external CPD workshops each year, which will account for 4 points (equivalent to 20%).

6. The employer will deduct GH₵150 from the Teachers’ CPDA (Continuing Professional Development Allowance) at source to cover the CPD days organized by the employer, contributing to the 60% of CPD points that the employer is responsible for.

7. In total, teachers will be required to pay GH₵300 per year towards their CPDA, with GH₵150 going to service providers for the targeted CPD points and GH₵150 to the employer for the remaining 60% of CPD points, which includes CPD days at GH₵150 per year.


It is important to note that these agreements have not been officially confirmed by either the NTC or GES.

You can find out in November from your Validator.

The circulating information has sparked widespread discussions among teachers and the general public, with many expressing their concerns over the alleged deductions in teachers’ professional allowance.

The NTC and GES are yet to provide an official statement clarifying the situation and addressing the concerns raised by teachers.


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