Apply , GES opens recruitment portal, step by step guide to apply.

The Ghana Education service has opened its application portal for recruitment. The letter was published on their official page.

The recruitment of college of Education Students was formally an automatic recruitment, just after College of Education one is posted to a school to teach. Currently things are not the same anymore.

After one has graduated, one will have to do a one (1) year mandatory National Service, write the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination and wait for the portal to be opened before applying.

The Ghana Education Service has on the 2nd of December opened the chance for all college graduates who meet the criteria below  to apply.

Criteria for posting

must complete any of the 46 college of educations and has no exams to write

Completed the mandatory National service

Pass all the Ghana Teachers Licensure Exams

willing to work where services are required

How to apply very simple guide

step one(1)

First click/ Enter the link into your browser 

What will show

e-Voucher card( pay for your e-Vouchers  code online)       Don’t click


Promotion Exams ( Click here to check your promotion exams results online)  Don’t click

Apply for promotion ( Apply for promotion online) Don’t click

Non Teaching Promotion Exams ( Click here to check your promotions result) Don’t click


Apply for Postings ( As  a Newly Trained Diploma Teacher)  Click this one

Step two

Click to Start filling forms

THE ONLINE FORMS, All fields marked (*) are mandatory

Title (*)

Mr, Mrs, Rev, Miss, Dr.

First Name (*)

Last Name (*)

Middle Name

Previous Name (If name has been changed)

Gender (*)


Date of Birth (DAY/MONTH/YEAR) (*)


Nationality (*)

Marital Status (*)

Single, Married, Divorced,  widow , widower


Phone Number (*)

The 0 is already there so start with the next digit


Residential Address in Full (*)

Ghanaian Languages spoken in order of Proficiency

Ghanaian Languages 1 (*)

Ghanaian Languages 2



A pop up message will ask Do you confirm that all details are accurately supplied and form filled completely ?

press ok.

step three certificate

All your details will be provided and a unique application code will be provided  eg 21Z3Z4687Z. Kindly copy it down.

check through the details and be sure its correct. If its not correct you can always use the code to edit the forms.


Now choose the college attended from the list of 46 colleges provided


College Attended (*)

The 46 college of education are p;reloaded you can only select one.

College of Education Index No. (*)

Year of Completion of College (*)

2018, 2019, 2020.

NTC Licensure No. (eg. NTC/..) (*)

NTC Results (*)

Pass/ Fail

NSS Number (*)

Region of NSS Posting (*)

District of NSS Posting (*)

You must select a region first to be able to choose the district

SSNIT Number

Program offered at College (*)

Major course offered (*)

Minor course offered



1st Region Choice (*)


2nd Region Choice (*)

You must select First region before you can select second region

3rd Region Choice (*)

You must select the Second region before you can select the 3rd region

Please Note: Notwithstanding the choices made Management reserves the right to post you to where your services are needed most. Do not apply if you are not willing to serve where posted to.

Do you have any health problem(s) or disability?

Yes / No

Click on the update to Finally submit all documents. Make sure your passport picture is scanned and uploaded.
Keep reading news or ask colleagues What’s happening.
Its an online platform, any changes can be made at any time so keep yourself updated.

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