Assistant Headmaster Allegedly Rapes SHS 3 Student

What is happening?

SHS Maths Teacher Who Raped the Student has been sentenced with hard labour to…

Recently a Mathematics Teacher has been imprisoned because of rape, now this..

Police are on a manhunt for an assistant headmaster at the Bole Senior High School (SHS), Issahaku Jeduah, for allegedly raping a final year student.

Information gathered by Adom News’ Rebecca Nantomah indicates that, Mr Jeduah is said to have raped the 21-year-old student in his office.

A complaint was filed at the Bole District Police Command for his arrest.

However, the Police said the suspect was missing in action when a team deployed to the school arrived.

The victim is currently at the Bole District government hospital for tests and further treatment.

seekersnewsgh is confirming a video of the said incident, which happened at the  very dirty Office with  books scattered all over. The high entropy of the said office could be as a result of the struggle between them for the man to have his way. All books, folders, dust bins were all scattered in the room.


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