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Average teacher’s salary should be GHS 3,552; African Education Watch -Kofi Asare

Kofi Asare of the African Education Watch has stated that the average teacher’s net salary is about GHs 1,800, this was worth 37 bags of cement in Jan 2022.

Today, plus 15% COLA, the salary is worth 21 bags. To restore salary value to Jan 2022 level, it must increase to GH 3,552. How different is this for others? He quizzes.


This is why a 50 % Salary increment for Public Sector workers is a  Wrong Move

The economic situation is hitting hard on workers and their unions are trying hard to put things together to bridge the gaps.

Organised labour has asked for a 60% increment as the government is still trying to land at 15%, Organised Labour, gov’t failed to agree on a 60% increment in base pay 

Mercy Bonnie from FB stated,
”Hmmnm, as for those in the Pupil Teaching bracket, it’s nowhere near. This is the more reason why Organized Labour should not settle for anything less than 60%.

Take away the inflation rate as a result of fuel increases. Everything from Rent, Utilities, Communications, Transportation, Food, Fees etc.

As for clothing, it doesn’t seem to be on the list any longer because it is now about where to get food to keep body and soul together but what do we see? Last Year, organized labour was highly vilified for going for 4% as a result of the effects of Covid-19 but the same people who convinced them rather took theirs to a comfortable level and labour has never recovered from this shock. We hope to hear something good from our Employer.”


Bright Hero’s comment also brought out some few things he feels when done, will help all,

He wrote,
”The only thing that will solve the problem for every Ghanaian worker is for all workers, TUC, organised labour and other Labour unions to go on strike to demand immediate amendment of the 1992 constitution to expunge article 71 which favours only the political class; abolish ex gratia, prevent the president from appointing IGP, AG, AUDITOR GENERAL, EOCO BOSS, EC boss, CJ, etc, prevent the President from appointing MPs as Ministers.

Put all public sector workers including politicians on the same pay structure such that if increments in salaries are 10%, all and everyone is given the 10% not when the politicians are given 70% whilst other workers are given 4%.

The only way this constitution will be amended by the same politicians that it benefits is when, all Labour unions, (NAT, NAGRAT, TEWU, CLOSSAG, CCTU, UTAG, Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, etc) COLABORATE with CSOs ( Civil Society organisations) to embark on a serious STRIKE and Demonstrations.

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