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2024 Update on Baseline Survey For GES Workforce initiative

check survey link below this post, Kindly read before starting.

Funded by UK Aid, partnered with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Ghana, the Ghana MoE, and GES to support the existing GES institutional reform by collaborating on the redesign of the education workforce at all levels to support the successful delivery of the Education Strategic Plan.

The project aimed to agree critical workforce issues with frontline workers and develop a re-
vised education workforce design—including organizational functions and structures and crit-
ical roles, competencies, and skills—to support the GES institutional reform and provide the
structure from which the Ministry of Education and GES could best plan, manage, and support
the workforce to deliver the ESP.

The Education Commission under the Ghana Education Workforce initiative (GESWI) programme engaged Pricewterhousecopper (PwC) to develop a revised education workforce design which will be used to develop a strategic approach nd Practical tools for Education Workforce planning and deployment to manage Ghana’s Education Workforce.

The programme consisted of various phases of which phase one was executed from January 2019 to June 2020 and resulted in a co-design of a new organizational structure to improve the workforce with focused execution of roles and continuous monitoring and evaluation.

The second phase is a series of engagements leading to the implementation of the programme. A leadership engagement and workshop were organized from 5th December – 15th December 2022.

In view of this a baseline survey is being conducted to help gather information from teachers which will help improve the next phase. Teachers participation is very important since they are major stakeholders and will help improve the Ghana Workforce initiative (GESWI) programme.

Regional Directors are by this letter requested to share the link with District/Municipal/Metro Directors to further share on all Teacher platforms.




Here is the 2020 EC Report

Click on the doc, select the arrow down key to scroll through




Ghana Education Service Workforce Initiative – Change Management Baseline Survey


Dear staff,


The Ghana Education Service (GES) seeks to transform its workforce to better align with its strategic objective of improving learning outcomes.


In the light of this, the Service is undertaking an HR Transformation programme to ensure the workforce focus on and is developed to meet the goals of the Service.


The HR transformation programme, named the Ghana Education Service


Workforce Initiative (GESWI) has the following components:



  • Change management, service orientation and communication


  • Strategic workforce planning, staff capability assessment, and training


  • Implementation of new organogram: transition planning & roll-out of the new organizational structure


  • Programme monitoring, documentation of lessons, and experience sharing.


GES staff are the most critical stakeholders to work with leadership towards achieving the objectives of this HR Transformation programme.


GES Leadership is therefore inviting all staff to participate in this Staff Survey to share your perspective on how to make the programme a success.


The results are critical input to guide the implementation process.



We assure you that this is a confidential survey and the results will be reported at the consolidated level, without showing individual responses.


Thus, all responses are anonymous and cannot be traced to you individually.


We therefore encourage you to provide honest responses and to the best of your understanding.



The completion of this survey should take no longer than 10-15 minutes. Deadline for submission of your responses is 5 pm, 27-12-2022.
Thank you.


Click on next when you visit the page to continue,



Here are some of the questions asked, NO STAFF ID IS REQUESTED



Gender * Select one

Age * Select

Highest level of Education * Select

Years with GES * ( select One)

Region * ( Select one)

Office *

Staff Category, ( Select one)


some questions includes,


  1. Change at GES can be achieved without a significant shift in attitude and behaviours.
  2. Employees at GES are held accountable for honouring commitments they make, including completing tasks in a timely manner.
  3. Employees at GES are genuinely committed to the mission/goals/objectives of the GES, not just merely compliant or resistant.
  4. I am committed to achieve the GES’ strategic objectives
  5. I am confident that this project will be implemented successfully
  6. I am looking forward to the positive changes that will be achieved by this GES Workforce Initiative project.
  7. I am receptive to changing the way I work.
  8. I am willing to support this change to the best of my ability.
  9. I can see how what I do impacts learning outcomes for students
  10. I see change as an opportunity for growth and development



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