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The Ministry of Education has made a U-turn on the Semester system calendar  introduced earlier for the Basic schools across the country.

This came as a results of massive rejection of the semester system introduced by the Ministry and the Education service, by Parent, Teachers and other important educational Organizations in the country.

According to the Ministry of Education,

they have received representation from section of the public and key educational stakeholders to re-instate the Trimester system.

A lot of people has started laughing at the Ministry for its inability to make tangible long term decisions.

It was seen that Teacher Kwadwo one of the educational activist who has recently been sacked from the service possibly due to a loud mouth ooh sorry due to the fact that he didn’t attend class for some days, posted the letter on his page and says ”am sorry for laughing.”

A Plus one of the social activist has also posted the letter on his Facebook page with the caption

” Dear Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo,   Please sack this man!! He is overwhelmed and confused. A fine gentleman is not always a  competent minister.”


Consequently, the date for the various school terms for Kindergarten to junior High School are as follows.

1st Term

18th January                         14th April, 2022 (12 weeks)

15th April                                9th May, 2022   (Vacation)

2nd Term

10th May                                 18th August, 2022 (14 weeks)

19th August                             12th September, 2022 ( Vacation)


3rd Term

13th September                 22nd December, 2022 (14 weeks)

The letter

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