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The Controller and  Accountant General’s Department, Responsible for the payment of All Government workers across the country.

Has recently upgraded their Epayslip Portal.

The portal comes with a new user interface, which

will be sharing with you.


It has come to our attention most users of the platform are unable to login, this has made them very worried.

Some even think it might affect their November salaries.

To take loan one must also have affordability,

due to some few glitches the affordability amount keep changing which some few workers took advantage  to take loans they are not qualify for.

The workers on the platform are assured this will not affect their salaries in anyway. 

The only issue will be one can’t access the payslip for some time.

The glitch is also as a result of the system upgrade. has prompted the Authorities and all is being set straight.

The portal can be accessed either with a mobile phone or a laptop.

You have to login with your Employer ID
The Password…….
and  the special generated code.
Entering the code could be annoying, but its mostly lower case

After login these are some of the features You will be    seeing

My Payslip
My supplementary payslip
My SSF Report
My GRA Report
My Staff Card
Quick Loan
Third Party Deductions
Change Password

Change of Association Form

Generate Mandate Form

My Affordability

Wrongful Deduction

Tier 2 Deductions

*Change of Bank *

Study Leave with Pay

Break in Service will wish  to update you soon

But the current information we have is for all users to exercise patience as the system is being upgraded.

A lot has been done Already hence Most should be able to login without issues.


For New staff members registered on the platform Most are unable to Login.

After Login spend some time on the platform to check if all is intact.

We Are still Communicating with the Authorities as to What to do Next If You can’t Login or have seen certain errors upon Login.

Click the link below to access the portal

Keep checking the portal as our sources indicates its being updated daily.

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