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This month has been a heated month for salary workers who takes their salaries through the controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) as the Department has started the upgrade of their system which brought some few issues. has spotted on social platforms of a list believed to be the list of teachers in the central region who are not validated for the month of November and that the teachers involved, their salaries would not be paid.

The message attached indicates the teachers involved need to see their Validators else their salaries won’t be paid.

In as much as this happens to be a circulation on social media, seekers news wish to draw your attention to it to take the necessary action before its too late.  also spoke to some few validators and their Response also indicates the validation for the month of November delayed but currently all issues have been resolved and validations for the teachers has been done. But that can’t be said about all the teachers hence Kindly visit your constituent or your validator to confirm.

Please confirm from your validator if you have been validated.

We were unable to get all the list but kindly confirm from your validator even if your name is not in the list.

The list for central region.. 

kindly download here .CENTRAL NOV 21

The list contains all the names, staff IDs School and district.



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