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Can I Withdraw my tier 2 Contributions | Check Steps for Disbursement

Can I Withdraw my Tier 2 Contributions | Check Steps for Disbursement

Steps to claim your GESOPS Tier 2 benefits

Step 1

Obtain a claim form from GLICO pensions / Union Office or GES District Office for completion.

The complete claim form and add all required documents and submit them to the GES SUPERVISOR) Headmaster / District or SISO or TEWU, HR officer or Accountant for endorsement.

After endorsement collects documents.

Step 2.
Submit the endorsed forms along with the required documents to the union office for onward submission to GESOPS.

Union offices receive claim documents and forward them to the GESOPS secretariat for further processing.

Kindly follow up to be sure your documents are submitted.

Step 3

GESOPS secretariat receives claim documents and reviews them for completeness and Accuracy

GLICO Pensions receives claim documents, processes claim, and submit Benefit requisition slip to the GESOPS secretariat for payment authorization.

Step 4.
GESOPS secretariat receives the benefit requisition slip and issues an Authorization Note to the custodian to pay the beneficiary.

The custodian receives authorization notes, transfers the amount of the benefit into the beneficiary’s account, and issues proof of payment to the GESOPS secretariat.

Step 5.

GESOPS secretariat receives proof of payment and informs GLICO pensions via email

GLICO pensions receive emails from the GESOPS secretariat and inform beneficiaries via SMS Alert.


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