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    Seekersnewsgh.com By Esther Yeboah


    *(A set of rules that govern how words are combined to form phrases and sentences.)*

    1.Kennedy pretended not to………the woman.

    A.beaten.          B.have hit

    C. having hit. D.have beat

    Correct answer: B. have hit

    1. Steward……….argue with the principal again.

    A.daringly.             B.dares not

    C. dare not. D. not dare to

    Correct answer:. C.dare not

    3………the expertise of the artist, the judge would not grant the permit to the company.

    A.Despite.            B. Although

    C.Since.                D. But for

    Correct answer: A. Despite

    1. It is always advisable to turn yourself ……..before the police came after you.

    A.up         B.in

    C.out         D. into

    Correct answer:    A. up

    5.The minister was given a standing………

    1. applaude. B.ovasion
    2. position D. invitation

    Correct answer: B. ovasion

    1. The coming contester for the pageant has a …………presence .

    .   A. biased          B. compelling

    C. ravishing. D. comic

    Correct answer:. C.ravishing

    7…….. .  the intervention of God, I would have died in that car accident. A. But for    B. However  C. Although D. Nevertheless

    Correct answer: A. But for

    8.Jogging down the road every morning is……..for my grandfather at his age.

    A.so much.       B. too much

    C. many more.          D. much more

    Correct answer: B. too much.

    9. Jeremiah’s suggestions were accepted with…………approval.

    A. united B. special

    C. uncommon.        D. particular

    Correct answer: A. united.

    1. The circuit works perfectly when the components are……… perfectly to the power supply.

    A. linked.      B. ajoined

    C. connected .       D. absorbed

    Correct answer: C. connected

    1. About five………. got rotten.

    A.dozens egg.         B.a dozen of eggs

    C.dozen eggs.      D. dozens of egg

    Correct answer:. C. dozen eggs

    1. They were eagerly looking forward to…….. a suitable response from the ambassador.

    A.received       B.have received

    C.be receiving .   D. receiving

    Correct answer:. D. receiving.

    1. Haven’t the youth taken up football for the fun of it or because it has now become very…………  . A. lucrative B. involving. C. challenging D. disappointing

    Correct answer:.    A. lucrative

    14………..of the six ladies was able to direct the agents to the event

    A. Few. B. None  C. Many D. Some

    Correct answer : B. None

    1. Janet is very ………in her views on Christianity so she will not join in on the interview. A. particular. B.innovative C. conservative D. cautious

    Correct answer : C. conservative

    1. Take the questions from ………site to help set the exams .A. whichever      B, what

    C. whomever         D. which

    Correct answer : A. whichever.

    1. The drama was intriguing that the……….clapped for a long while at the final act  .A. mob B. congregation.  C. audience D. spectators.

    Correct answer: C. audience

    1. Now it doesn’t really matter,everyone ………….conform to the rules of the land.

    A .   was to.         B.are to

    C. have to D. has to

    Corre.ct answer : D.has to

    19.Eunice’s new poetry is……………interesting than the last one.

    A.so much     B.much more

    C.very much     D. more so

    Correct answer : B. much more

    1. Now, everyone knows why Don …….that awful attack on Martin

    A.sprung     B. completed

    C .caused.      D.launched

    Correct answer :D. launched .

    21.Seven lawyers sat……….. on this particular case

    A .by.       B.in

    C. off D. against

    Correct answer : B. in.

    1. It’s high time we all………for the office

    A. left.          B. leaving

    C. leave.        D. have left

    Correct answer : A. left.                                   seekersnewsgh

    1. After the court’s decree, the couple embraced ………..

    A.one another     B . themselves

    C. one other D. each other

    Correct answer :     D. each other

    1. The factions in the firm are advised to sink their………..in the interest of advancement.

    A. individualism.       B. differences

    C. opinions. D. consents

    Correct answer : B. differences

    1. The reference dictionary for French provides………answers to questions.

    A. structural.   B. amazing

    C. informative          D. satisfactory

    Correct answer : C.  informative

    26.Cathy’s honesty did ……..the attention of Brenda.

    A. catch. B. arrest C. manipulate D. seize.

    Correct answer : A. catch

    27.These obnoxious ideas have been…….by the Director-in-chief.

    A. annulled.     B. erased

    C. cleansed.      D. abridge

    Correct answer: A. annulled

    1. I always ask my students to ……….their assignments before they submit.

    A. annalyse.     B. seek

    C. review.      D. judge

    Correct answer : C. review

    1. Screenshotting all those documents in full image must be gravely……… A. releasing. B. contending   C. weary. D. laborious.

    Correct answer : D. laborious.

    30………. for mothers’ scream, Ali would have been kidnapped

    A. Then       B. But   B. Being. D. So

    Correct answer : B.  But.

    1. Attorney Green bought ………. of furniture at the trade-fair exhibition.
    2. a set B. a mansion
    3. a pair D. a bouquet

    Correct answer : A. a pair

    1. Besides admiring the play, the guest of honor made several……….remarks
    2. arguing B. contending
    3. complementary D. complimentary

    Correct answer : D. complimentary

    1. If we do not work harder,our………in life will amount to nothing

    A.fate           B.   faith           C.purpose              D. lot

    Correct answer : A fate

    34…………speaking, I can’t allow you to enter his office

    A. Affectionately B. Sincerely

    C. Definitely                             D. Earnestly

    Correct answer : D. Earnestly

    1. Many years have passed but…….soldiers have joined the opposition to fight against the government. A. amazing B. courteous C. rebel D. rival

    Correct answer :. C.rebel

    1. I dislike your……….for extravagance.  A. liking B. likeness  C. likelihood D. like

    Correct answer : A. liking

    1. Of course I love the FM show on TV but dislike the……….of music A. interference B. intervalsC. interludes. D. mixture

    Correct answer : C. interludes

    1. Please tell me ………to lose a dear one. A. what is it B. how it is C. how is it D. what it is

    Correct answer :. B. how it is

    1. I have no other god………you A. for B. but C. and D. hence

    Correct answer :. B. but

    40.The society really appreciates his………efforts to promote the hygiene awareness.

    A.compelling               B.simple

    C. avenging D.moderate

    Correct answer :.    D. moderate

    1. Would you please gather the…….of firewood for cooking ? A. logs B. residue C planks D. pieces

    Correct answer : C. planks

    1. There is this school of people who think poverty can be……..from this country.

    A . eradicated            B. pushed

    C. deleted D. destroyed

    Correct answer :. A. eradicated

    43.Ella Brady is working too…………for my liking.

    A. disturbingly B. intensely

    B. distractedly D. hungrily

    Correct answer:. B. intensely

    1. The principal announced that she had heard……,..of the students’ complaints. A. so much B. too much C. many D. enough

    Correct answer :. D. enough

    1. The sixth former who derived ………from bulling the juniors has been suspended. A. wisdom B.  pleasure  C. merits D. calmness

    Correct answer :  B. pleasure

    1. Many parents find it difficult to ……… discuss about the opposite with their children.

    A.openly.      B.truly

    C. thoroughly D. delibrately

    Correct answer :. A. openly

    1. Mr.Isaac is the………owner of the his church .

    A.sole              B.last

    C.begining                   D. original

    Correct answer :. B. original

    48………..how intensely my mate studies ,she still can’t make the grades.

    A. In spite B. Despite

    1. Even D. No matter

    Correct answer :.  D. No matter.

    1. It was well noted when all the commercial vehicles without insurance policies were ……..by the soldiers .

    A.impounded         B.arrested

    C. managed D. examined

    Correct answer :. A. impounded

    1. The spammer asked me not to come ………..the police  A. on B. with C. by  D. of

    Correct answer :. B. with


    English Language Questions and Answers;  ANTONYMS ( WORDS OPPOSITE  IN MEANING). WASSCE Standard 002

    English language Objectives and Answers WASSCE Standard Part I

    English Language SHS

    Integrated Science Lessons SHS


  • English Language Questions and Answers;  ANTONYMS ( WORDS OPPOSITE  IN MEANING). WASSCE Standard 002

    Seekersnewsgh By Esther Yeboah 


     Read Also English language Objectives and Answers WASSCE Standard Part I

    Here are some questions and answers Base on the WASSCE syllabus for English Language, it’s made easy, read and get the answer immediately. The more you go through the more familiar you become with the words.


    1.Due to many months of extravagant  living, the young master has become…….

    A.thrifty.          B.prodigal

    C.exhorbitant.    D.wasteful

    Correct answer: A. thrifty
    1. I don’t have to accept lazy and ……. teachers together.

    A.relaxed.          B. reluctant

    1. diligent. D. indolent
    Correct answer:. C. diligent
    1. The patrons are supposed to distribute the maize, not ……..it.

    A.dispend.           B.group

    C.hoard.               D.gather

    Correct answer:. C.hoard
    1. When we face misfortunes, it is more advantageous to be……….than agitated.

    A.annoyed.          B.disturbed

    C.self-composed.     D.upset

    Correct answer: C.self- composed
    1. The culprit was already fidgeting in the dock while the victim stood in the box ………

    A.unruffled.           B. trembling

    C.restlessly.           D.disturbed

    Correct answer:  A.unruffled
    1. Isreal’s speech must not be………..,but rather long-winded.

    A.edited.           B.rambling

    C. wordy D. concise

    Correct answer: D.concise
    1. In the Accra library,the books should be well……….not jumbled.

    A.organised.          B.messed up C. rumbled.           D. dislocated.

    Correct answer: A. organised
    1. For his recklessness, he fell from affluence to ……….

    A.flux.          B.beggary

    1. deceit. D.starvation
    Correct answer: B. beggary
    1. The headmistress is really good at terminating people’s projects but not able to………. her own

    A.discontinue.       B.elapse

    C. organise D.take on

    Correct answer: D.take on
    1. Now,there are too many theories which don’t help,we have to be……..

    A.practical.        B.eloquent

    C.sober.           D.logical

    Correct answer: A.practical
    1. People tend to give evasive answers when they notice that questions asked are…….

    A . interesting                   B.direct

    C. persuasive. D.firm

    Correct answer:.    B. direct
    1. I must have heard some innocuous comments but my mom considered them……

    A.mild.        B. gracious

    C.healthy.      D. hurtful

    Correct answer: D. hurtful
    1. Many customers became conversant with the new procedure however, others were……. A. acquainted. B. ignorant C. familiar. D. informed
    Correct answer:. B. ignorant
    1. Your dormant attitude of the past contrasts deeply with present day………issues.

    A.fallow.       B.idle

    C.hectic.       D. inoperative

    Correct answer : C. hectic
    1. The forever audible voices of the choir has suddenly become…………. A. muted. B. distinct.C. plain. D. noticeable
    Correct answer : A. muted
    1. Too far from being provocative, Alexander’s answer was rather………..A. triggering. B. angering B. conciliatory. D.teasing
    Correct answer :. C. conciliatory
    1. The Examination Council must ratify the mistakened marks it had earlier………

    A.approved.        B.annulled

    C.validate.         D.endorse

    Correct answer: B. annulled
    1. All this while we assumed Peter was the instigator, he was rather the….. ……. A. cool-head. B. provoker  C. advisor. D. troublemaker
    Correct answer : A.cool-head
    1. An inspiration it was when the protagonist rose from obscurity into……..

    A.vagueness.          B.dimness

    C. mysteriousness D. brightness

    Correct answer : D. brightness

    20.The Council of Elders could not rescind their judgement because the Chief had……..it.

    A.nullified           B.invalidated

    C. confirmed. D.dissolved

    Correct answer : C. confirmed
    1. Among my superiors, the eldest is ………while the youngest is haughty.

    A.braggy.        B. humble

    C. lofty. D. arrogant

    Correct answer :  B. humble
    1. Can any one afford sumptuous meals in this economy? We have to make do with the


    A.yummy.         B. splendid

    C. rich. D. unpalatable

    Correct answer :     D. unpalatable
    1. Madam’s knowledge in the sciences is only superficial but not…………..

    A.external.             B. profound

    C.skin-deep.          D.satisfaciiry

    Correct answer :    B. profound
    1. In a place where there is discord,………..will never reign. A. harmony. B. enimity

    C.friction.                D. disaccord

    Correct answer : A. harmony
    1. This tranquility we live in now is nothing compared to the………life we have been through .

    A.undisturbed       B.unshaken

    C.unrest.               D.damaged

    Correct answer : C.unrest
    1. It buffles me at how crimes which were rare in the past years are now………..

    A.rife.            B.perculiar

    C.odd      D.uncommon

    Correct answer : A. rife
    1. The wilting flowers were just……….by the recent rains.

    A.eroded.       B. weakened

    1. revived. D. dismissed
    Correct answer:.  C. revived
    1. Neighbours must learn to give hearty welcome to each other and do away with the ……….. reception. A. cold. B. genuine

    C wholehearted.      D. keen

    Correct answer : A. cold

    29.The leader will lay off the experienced followers and ………..new ones

    A.suspend.         B.cut off C. promote.        D.engage.

    Correct answer : D.engage
    1. Do not indulge in this malpractice again;……….from it

    A.disfavour.        B. resolve

    C. withdraw. D. abstain

    Correct answer : D. abstain


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  • English language Objectives and Answers WASSCE Standard Part I

    Seekersnewsgh By Esther Yeboah 


    Hello Students, Here are some WASSCE questions and answers on English, Kindly Go through as many times as possible.

    We have prepared it in such a way that, the questions come with immediate answers, this is to help you get immediate feedback and also ensure you’re going through it in a relaxed manner.

    Here we go, if you have any question or you’re a Teacher and you need this pdf send us a message.  You can also comment below this post.


    1. It is the pressure of work that has necessitated his early retirement. A. volume     B. bitterness. C. strain D. weight.

    Correct answer: A. volume

    1. The connection between the event and an earlier attack on the president was described as very remote

    A.vague.                B. distant. C. real D.unknown

    Correct answer:. D. unknown

    1. The church was eager to reward Awudu for his enthusiasm        A. Loyalty.  B. Obedience   C. Zeal  D. Faith.

    Correct answer: C. zeal

    1. How else could we have gone through the spate of harassment? A Suffered. B. Sustained C. Escaped. D. Endured

    Correct answer: A. suffered

    1. How come Sebastian is so ill-mannered? A. arrogant.  B. Bad-tempered  C. Rough  D. Rude

    Correct answer: D. rude

    1. Abena made derogatory remarks about the standard of my work. A. Uncomplimentary.  B. Unsupportive  C. Senseless.       D. Ignorant

    Correct answer: A. Uncomplimentary.

    1. It is possible to draw a parallel between the two positions. A. Agreement. B. Line C. liking. D. Similarity

    Correct answer: D. Similarity.

    1. Irish Catherine would stop pestering me about decorating the house. A. Compelling. B. Reminding C. Bothering. D. Involving                           Correct answer: C. bothering.


    9. Space travelers set sterling examples of endurance.

    A. Outstanding. B. Surpassing C. Motivating. D. Promising

    Correct answer: A. outstanding.

    10. She vowed to avenge the inhuman treatment meted out to her.

    A. Reciprocate. B. Retaliate C. repay. D. Return

    Correct answer: B. Retaliate

    1. My mother was annoyed with me; apparently she had not received my letter.   A. certainly. B. Sadly C. Obviously. D. Really

    Correct answer:. C. Obviously


    12. These two women are always together gossiping about their neighbours.

    A. Chatting. B. clamouring C. Discussing. D. Declaring

    Correct answer: A. Chatting.

    13. No company can thrive in a depressed economy.  A. grow. subside. C. mature        D. ripen

    Correct answer:. A. Grow

    1. Many mothers still fret about their grown-up children. A. Complain. B. Boast C. Think. D. Worry

    Correct answer :  D. Worry

    1. Nobody expects a son to treat his father so shabbily. A. freely. B. disrespectfully C. annoyingly  D. deceitfully

    Correct answer : B. disrespectfully

    1. Our search for her failed so we abandoned

    A. stopped.        B. rounded  C. deserted.         D. avoided.

    Correct answer : A. stopped.

    1. The penalty for rape in some countries is life imprisonment.

    A . fine      B. punishment. C. payment D. atonement.

    Correct answer: B. punishment

    1. I was very serious but my friend dismissed my points. A.rejected. abonded C.cleared.      D.sacked .

    Correct answer : A. rejected

    1. some teachers are endowed with great tolerance. A. honoured.  B. blessed. C. old.       D. left

    Correct answer : B. blessed

    1. Mr Brown is so captivated by his wife’s beauty that he has sworn never to come home late again. A. compelled. B. captured C.changed          D.charmed

    Correct answer : D. charmed .

    1. Instead of being aggressive the culprit was conciliatory.

    A . assertive.       B forceful. C. violent D. insistent

    Correct answer : C. violent.

    1. There is something about this man is that’s most people find odious.   A. impolite. B. odd C. replusive . D. funny

    Correct answer : C. replusive.

    1. Stanley was caught by Mr. Jones when he tried to mimic A. colour. B.imitate.

    C.mock.            D.joke

    Correct answer :    B. imitate

    1. In an angry disposition, the guard rushed at the thief. A.stature.  B. behaviour

    C.mind.          D.mood.

    Correct answer : D. mood

    1. As soon as he heard the news, he became motionless with shock  A. transfixed B. unwilling C. dreadful. D. redundant

    Correct answer : A. transfixed

    1. The innocent boy was lured by his peers into drug addiction.

    A.enticed.    B.pulled C.forced.     D.dragged.

    Correct answer : A. enticed

    1. Esinam pursued prudent financial policies in her ccompany..

    A.amazing.     B. clear C. sound.      D. cooperative.

    Correct answer : C. sound

    1. We have to meet again because they are still some outstanding matters .

    A. prominent.     B. unsettled C. not-easy. D. difficult

    Correct answer : A. prominent

    29.The mob challenged Peter’s audacious  behaviour.

    A.irritative.       B.friendly C. daring. D. lenient.

    Correct answer : C. daring.

    1. The Executive Committee had to summon an emergency meeting to address the cries .A. assemble. B. allow C. conduct. D. call

    Correct answer : D. call.

    1. After accepting his appointment as a History professor, they discovered that he was a complete sham.  A. rude person                B. imposter  C. disgrace D. failure

    Correct answer : B. imposter

    1. He resented any criticism of the way he worked.

    A. felt annoyed about     B.disagreed with

    C. always ignored D. doubted

    Correct answer : A. felt annoyed about

    33. Many people loathe working on Sundays.

    A. love B. hate C. fret D. disregard

    Correct answer : B. hate

    1. His financial situation is so precarious that very soon he may be insolvent.

    A. dependant                      B. bankrupt C. begging D. lending

    Correct answer : B. bankrupt

    1. Many public officers are sometimes defamed by the press. A. libelled B. praised C. celebrated D.mocked

    Correct answer :. A. libelled


    36. Many listeners disliked the haughty manner in which the minister spoke.

    A. welcoming B. harsh C. arrogant D. insulting.

    Correct answer : C. arrogant

    1. His face gleamed with excitement when he received the award. A. shone B. filled C. grew D. moved

    Correct answer : A. shone

    1. We won the match because our defense was impregnable. A. qualified B. unbeatable C. faithful D. skilled

    Correct answer :. B. unbeatable

    39.Some bosses are fond of harassing their staff.

    A. fighting B. beating C. condemning D. intimidating

    Correct answer :. D. intimidating

    1. Adabla couldn’t entrust his business to the first son because of the latter’s erratic behaviour .

    A.unstable               B.care-free C.  inflexible                     D.extravagant

    Correct answer :.     A.unstable.

    1. I dislike John for being loquacious   A. understanding B. inquisitive C talkative D. fanciful

    Correct answer : C talkative

    1. The accused prayed the judge for leniency . A. asked                 B. thanked C. praised D. begged

    Correct answer :. D. begged

    1. For Esi to run the 800 metres in 9 minutes, she must be endowed with prodigious strength. A. tremendous B. horrible C. awful D. magnanimous

    Correct answer :. A. tremendous

    1. Amaziah has few pals because his actions are often inimical to his mates’ interests. A. deadly B. harmful  entertaining D. sincere

    Correct answer :. B. harmful

    1. The rebels feared reprisal from the village they had attacked earlier in the week. A. refusal B. response  C. retaliation D. rejection

    Correct answer : C. retaliation

    1. To reveal a loved one’s secrets is treachery. A. cowardice B. deadly C. faithfulness D. betrayal

    Correct answer :. D. betrayal

    1. We are prepared to support any ideas which catch our fancy. A. desire B. imagination C. mode D. thoughts

    Correct answer :. B. imagination

    1. The fans were ardent in their support for the team. A. passionate B. eager C. careful D. fierce

    Correct answer :. A. passionate

    1. They were so engrossed in the movie that they forgot it was time for dinner. A. spirited B. interested  C. absorbed D. hidden

    Correct answer :. C. absorbed

    1. Stealing is considered scandalous in all societies.

    A. reasonable                   B. disgraceful  C. unhealthy D. evil

    Correct answer :. B. disgraceful


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