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CCT Members to Hit the streets over Secret Dues Increment

The coalition of Concern Teachers are very wild and threatening a demonstration over what they call secret dues increment.

According to some of the members spoke with their dues has been increased more than 50% without their knowledge. Some have to go to their portal just to see the increment on their payslips.

A media post sited by reveals the following.


As members of the CCT-GH we must be preparing to demand for an immediate Reversal of the blatant Illegal dues increment Before the end of April, 2022 to prevent further legitimate action by Law abiding members of this NOBLE ASSOCIATION such as Theophilus Dzangma Dorkutcho who has single handedly embarked on legal suites and has chocked some success for our Union.

Article 15, Clause 1 of the CCT-GH CONSTITUTION, makes is clear that it is ONLY CCT-GH NATIONAL CONGRESS that has the power to INCREASE the Union Dues for members!!!

It is nerve rapturing therefore, for members to feel that our 20 NEC representatives made up of our regional chairmen and regional secretaries cannot as a matter of URGENCY impeach the seven National Officers who have been found guilty of contempt of Court and have been convicted and fined by a competent court of Ghana and for this reason these National Officers have NO INTEGRITY to lead such a NOBLE UNION of professional teachers, but these 20 Regional Chairmen and Secretaries would rather connive with those 7 National Officers and arrogate the POWER RESERVED FOR ONLY CCT-GH CONGRESS onto itself and illegally increase our membership dues by 50% as if to inform CCT Members that the Union has become a second GNAT!

If National Officers of this Noble Association will avail the Court with Account books on Union money expended ONLY after the Court has slapped these National Officers with a Conviction of Contempt, in the case of Theophilus Dzangma Dorkutcho demanding for ACCOUNTABILITY for our union, why would these 20 representatives at NEC that are supposed to hold National Officers Accountable and ensure at all times that our Constitution is upheld rather connive with the National Officers to affront our Constitution?!

Let NO member run away from CCT as if we are cowards!

Let us in Unity of Purpose compel the National Officers and the NEC to as a MATTER OF URGENCY REVERSE the dues increment to ¢20 if NOT ¢15.00

Currently members are paying Ghc 40.0 which is very surprising.

Most members join because of the huge dues paid by members in other unions.

Whilst seeking legal advice we expect members to remain RESOLUTE and join THE JOINT PETITION to Leadership for immediate reversal of this illegality!



Peter N. Djangmah is a multifaceted individual with a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and blogging. With a firm belief in the power of digital education and science, I am affectionately known as the Private Minister of Information. Connect with me
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