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CCT-GH Affordable Housing Scheme for Teachers; Price, Location, Who can Apply.

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The Coalition of Concern Teachers – Ghana (CCT-GH) is launching a Housing Scheme for  Teachers; Themed affordable housing for the Ghanaian Teacher.  

This came as a surprise to many teachers and are still contemplating whether teachers can actually afford.

The Teacher salary is not much, majority of Teachers don’t actually want their children to become teachers unless otherwise one promising aspect of it which is the high level of job security. 37 years of Teaching at AD II, teacher had  only 10K as Pension, vow not to allow the Children into Teaching

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House Buying Programs For Teachers and What we can learn from it

President Nana Akuffo Addo once said, Teaching is a sacrificial job to the Nation and hence no Teacher in the World becomes a millionaire out of teaching, to become a millionaire you must do other things.

There are things government can also do to better the life of teachers, these will include affordable housing scheme for teachers, better allowances, Reduced  hours Spent in School by recruiting more Teachers.

The challenge of a decent home for Ghanaian Teachers is known by all yet nothing seems to be done about it.

On 4th January 2022,President Akufo-Addo  announced that plans are far advanced by his government for the construction of 10,000 affordable houses for teachers in the country within the next two years.

According to him, his administration is aware of the challenges that teachers faced, with regards to owning their own houses; challenges which he said this positive project is intended to address for teachers and their families.

The housing project, he said, would be built across the country, and it would be given out as mortgage or rent for teachers to enable them to have decent homes to live in.

“Within the next two years, proposed 10,000 housing units, on affordable terms, would be developed for teachers. This is a tip of the iceberg but it is a good beginning,” the President said, attracting wild applause.

President Akufo-Addo was delivering this address during the 6th Quadrennial of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) which was held in Kumasi.

The President also said his administration is working out a subsidised loan programme, which would give teachers the golden opportunity to own homes and houses at any location of the country in order to better their lives.

Continuing, the President disclosed that the National Service Scheme and Ministry of Education as well as the Ministry of Works and Housing and the various teachers’ unions are in talks over this upcoming programme.

According to him, his administration cherished the efforts and sacrifices of teachers in the training of students in the country, therefore they (government) would do their utmost best to transform the living conditions of teachers. Credit

A year has ended and not much is heard of the project.

CCT-GH Affordable Housing Project

CCT-GH seem to have some innovative Leaders.

As many teachers complain of the long, and difficult process they have to go through to access  loan from their Unions; How Long it takes for the Teacher Unions(GNAT,NAGRAT, CCT) to Process your Loan Now, with CCT – GH, Members can access Loans from the comfort of their Home, by Just Dialing a code on their phones.

Steps to Apply For CCT Loan on Your Phone-Online

With the announcement of  the Launching of an affordable Housing scheme, members and other Teachers applaud the move as that is the actual need by all Teachers.

How affordable ?

How affordable? that is what Teachers want to know, some mentioned the last time they heard of affordable housing, the average Ghanaian couldn’t even afford.

The launching happened live on 10th December, 2022.  The union is still negotiating to get more moderate and affordable prices for all Members.

Members will be alerted for subscriptions soon.

How Much for a Unit.

Affordable housing unit must be affordable for members. Not a situation where a Teacher can’t afford to buy and an affordable housing scheme for teachers will turn to that of Bankers or Lawyers.

How much will a single Unit or a Double unit cost?

The affordable housing scheme has been put into Phases,


The phase 1 is what is being enrolled now. The Chairman, Mr. Issac Laud Anderson speaking with Seekernewsgh made it known that, the phase one involves Acquisition of land by members.

The union has started the purchase of land in certain areas where members are to buy and start developing.

The General plan is to have an Estate for Members.

Current Areas where lands have been acquired by the Union to start phase one are;

Nyinasenase, Abuakwa Agogo;  Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Kodee Ashanti Region

Abrankese  in the Bosomtwe District of Ashanti Region.

Ojobi.  Ojobi is situated nearby  Akotsi and Gomoa Dabayin. … Potsin town in the Central region of Ghana.


Phase 2  is going to be the Building of the Housing Units for members.

Members will have to choose the type of housing Unit they want to be built for them.

You’re all covered, Buying building materials

In our earlier publication, some members were asking if they  have already started their building project, they will be allowed to get building materials.

The answer is Yes, From 2023 you can buy Roofing sheets, Tiles, Cement, Iron rods, any building material from certain accredited sellers and you’ll be deducted.

Mode of payment

Three ways to make payment

Deductions by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department

Instant payment; Members who have the Full amount can pay directly.

No -affordability Payment ; Members who may not have any affordability can also apply. These category of people  will have to pay directly to the Bank.

If you have any question which is not addressed or any comment, send that below the post for Replies 


Is the Scheme for only Members?

seekersnewsgh is trying hard to get a better picture for it’s audience, what you want to know as a GNAT or NAGRAT member, is whether you can also Apply.

We were promised on  Saturday 10th of December, 2022 during the launch, the information will be out.

During the launch, the confirmed decision is that, only CCT- GH members can apply for now, if you’re not a CCT member and you are happy with their initiatives, you can join them.

Other Areas/ Locations will be announced soon

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Aminu Tahiru
Aminu Tahiru
December 12, 2022 3:11 pm

It’s an excellent initiative which is gonna go a long way to completely change the life of the teacher. It will give the teacher a physical, psychological, and mental stability to focus on his or her work which will yield a positive work out put and bring about a positive impact on education in Ghana. The teacher wouldn’t be in class teaching and be thinking of his or rent fee or the trouble of some House owners. The teacher will definitely have a place to call his or her own. God richly bless and strengthen you guys for the good work you’ve done and doing and will do.💪💪🙏

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