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Check Official Prospectus as GES Reacts and Send Caution to Over bloated Prospectus by schools to SHS One Students

Check Official Prospectus as GES Reacts and Send Caution to Over bloated Prospectus by schools to SHS One Students.


It has come to the attention of the Management of the Ghana Education Service that some Heads of Second Cycle Schools are issuing an unapproved prospectus and also selling some of the items on the prospectus to Form One students who report to their schools for admission.

Some Heads are also allegedly selling free items that are supplied by the government to the

Management of the Ghana Education Service takes strong exception to this
practice and wishes to state unequivocally that the practice is prohibited and must cease with immediate effect.

Investigations will soon commence into the issues to ensure that the right things are done in our schools.

Heads of Second Cycle Schools are therefore, cautioned to stick to the approved harmonised prospectus for students.

Any Head of School caught demanding any item(s) aside the approved ones will
be severely sanctioned.

Parents/Guardians should be allowed to buy the approved items on the prospectus from the open market not in the schools to avoid any conflict of interest on the part of the school authorities.

By this letter, Regional Directors of Education are directed to visit Second Cycle Schools in their jurisdiction to ensure that Heads of Schools comply with the above directives for a smooth admission process and effective academic work for the Form Ones.


This comes as parents and social media reacted to  a blotted Prospectus which required too much items from SHS One students.

According to Kofi Asare of Edu-watch,

Prior to free SHS, no student took A4 sheets to school for exam; They paid an exam fee which govt eventually absorbed under the free SHS policy.

Why are SHS now demanding reams of A4 sheets in students’ prospectus, when we are told our taxes are used to pay exam fee to SHS under free SHS?

On what basis would the Ghana Education Service have approved this duplicitous item?

A similar case goes for prospectus items like:

Gallons of liquid soap
Electric bulbs
Detol etc.

Why all these, when government is supposed to have fully absorbed sanitation and maintenance fees, per the free SHS policy and budget for every year, including 2023?

Simple question: So, if parents buy all these items, what is the sanitation, maintenance and exam fee cash eventually used for, when disbursed?

On the other hand, if government has decided to cost-share sanitation, maintenance and examination related expenses with parents due to the increasing financial burden manifested in delayed disbursements, there must be communication and cost item review, else, these fee items become overly duplicitous and potentially wasteful.



1. Bible (RSV), Qur’an.

2. Handkerchiefs(6).

3. Socks (black and white) each.

4. Pair of sandals (black/brown)2 (school’s prescription).

5. School bag(bag pack) for classes.

6. 2 plates, 2 bowls, and 1 cup.

7. Set of cutlery.

8. Long and short brush.

9. Broom (long and short)

10. Mop 1 and long plastic broom 1.

11. hoe, cutlass (well sharpened), and rake 1 each.

12. Dusters for cleaning 2.

13. Mr muscle 1, Dettol or its kind 1.5 liters.

14. 1 Parazone or it’s it’s kind 1.5 liters.

15. 1 Gallon of liquid soap (4.5 liters).

16. 1 Chlorine powder (Akashaa) – medium size.

17. 10 Exercise books and 10 notebooks (optional).

18. Raincoat/umbrella.

19. Liquid detergent ( 1 muscle, 1 bine).

20. Ceiling brush 1, Naphthalene ball 2 packs.

21. English Dictionary.

22. Mathematical sets & scientific calculator 1each.

23. Active NHIS card and its photo.

24. Photocopy of birth certificate.

25. 2 Black belts.

26. Kettle (Buta) – for Muslim schools.

27. Water bottle.

28. Graph book.


29. Students’ mattresses with leather covers (school’s prescription).

30. Pillow 1

31. Pillowcase 2.

32. Blanket 1.

33. Sleeping cloth 1.

34. White bedsheets 2.

35. Treated mosquito net 1.

36. Electric iron 1

37. Chop box.

38. Metal trunk/leather traveling bag (school’s prescription)

39. Bathroom slippers 1.

40. Sponge

41. Towel.

42. Bucket (school’s prescription).

43. Toilet articles: comb, brush, mirror,  toothpaste, deodorant, shaving kits, bathing, and washing soap, toilet rolls 1 pack.

44. Mosquito repellent.

45. Laundry pegs (1 packet), hangers 6.

46. Launch bag.

47. Flashlight.


48. Pyjamas 1.

49. Boxer shorts 6.

50. 2 White shirts (long sleeves)

51. 2 White shirts (short sleeves).

52. Trousers (school’s prescription) 2.

53. Singlets 6


54. Nightgown.

55. Panties 4, brassieres 2.

56. Sanitary pads.


57. Safety boots.

58. Overall overcoats

59. Drawing sheets (A3).

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March 3, 2023 12:41 pm

A lot of new students will not be able to go to school bcox of the useless prospectus in some schools

March 3, 2023 12:37 pm

If u are serious about this thing, go to Sogakope senior high. What is paint doing in the prospectus

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