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Check percentage to get Certificate-NTC free online Training for CPD points

Are you worried you might not get the CPD points because you are unable to get the 100% point?

There is no need to worry;

From a reliable source, the certificate will be given to all participates regardless whether you have finished or not but you must get at least 70% and above to get the certificate.

“The number of points one gets will depend on the completion percentage, all those who participated in the course will be given certificates”

Get 100% in the NTC Training

What about the CPD points?

The CPD points are given base on percentage completion,  each course gives 4 CPD points. If you get 100% then it is automatic you are getting all the 4 points but if you get 60% or less you will be given less points.

Most of you are worried as to when the certificates and the points will be awarded into the portal. You are to remain calm as the process is being monitored and worked on. Some few has been processed hence have their certificates and points issued to them.

Just remain calm and your points and certificate will surely be issued to you.


source; seekersnewsgh.com

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