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DISCLAIMER-supposed sex scandal involving an unnamed staff and another person

It has come to the attention of the University for Development Studies, the anonymous allegations about a supposed sex scandal involving an unnamed staff and another person, being shared on the Iqra Page on Facebook.

The University takes a serious view of this matter, especially, as the Administrators of the Iqra page have so far neither engaged the Management of UDS to report the alleged sex scandal, nor have the Administrators of the page filtered their anonymous reports to exclude the UDS from the alleged scandal.

Additionally, naming UDS in this allegation about a sex scandal involving two independent adults, is highly unfair, especially, as none of the Administrators of the Iqra Page contacted UDS, as the ethics of news reporting demands, to hear it’s side of the story (if any), before publishing such an anonymous report.

We believe that if at all, there must be any reports, such reports should focus on the two adult individuals who have been alluded to, in the allegations.

The University is asking the Administrators to filter its name from the anonymous reports, as such reports have the tendency to unfairly hurt the University’s hard earned reputation.

UDS wishes to assure the general public and all of its genuine stakeholders that the University has a Sexual Harrassment Policy and anyone who has been harassed sexually by any member of the University Community can officially report for such cases to be investigated and appropriate sanctions applied where applicable. .

The University will not hesitate to resort to the Law Court if the Administrators of the Iqra page do not desist from muddying its name in such anonymous reports

Thank you.

Abdul Hayi Moomen
(Head, University Relations)



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