‘Disrespectful’ French Prez Emmanuel Macron accused of wearing sneakers at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

‘Disrespectful’ French Prez Emmanuel Macron accused of wearing sneakers at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s choice of footwear while in London ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral has caused some sort of flutter on social media sites.

Many on Twitter in particular have accused Macron of donning sneakers while paying his respects to the departed monarch of the United Kingdom.

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Photos of him and his wife Brigitte Macron wearing blue trainers have surfaced online, leading to a variety of reactions. While some said Macron’s choice of footwear was disrespectful, others were not bothered and said it is up to him what he wishes to wear.

As per the France-based news agency Agence France-Presse, far-right politicians and other critics of the president in the country expressed umbrage at Macron and fanned the flames of outrage.

However, it later emerged that the photos were not from the funeral at all. Pictures of Macron and his wife at Westminster Abbey as they paid respects to the Queen proved that they had changed to in formal wear.

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But since this is the internet, disinformation moves faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

One person, presumably a French citizen, tweeted, “I want to apologize to my English friends for the lack of dignity of #Macron (sneakers & sunglasses) when he came to London for the funeral of Queen #ElisabethII”

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One other wrote, “Without wanting to make controversy around Macron, for whom I voted, he has a duty to set an example. A president doesn’t wear sneakers when he arrives abroad for a Queen’s funeral. And this way of matching his sneakers to those of BM: ridiculous and not chic.”

One joked, “It depends man. If someone came to my funeral wearing Jordans I’d be pretty pleased.”

Others tried to halt the spread of disinformation. “He didn’t. They changed into formal attire before going to pay their respects,” they wrote.

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