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Doubling of Salaries , less days at Work, to support workers; What is GES doing For Teachers?

The Economic situation is affecting every household. The world at large is suffering as the cost of living has become extremely high. It is a world wide situation.

Many are selling their old items and cutting down on some unnecessary expenses.

Pensioners are now back at work just to keep up with the high cost of living.

Here are some of the things some companies and institutions have managed to put together to support their workers.

Reduce the number of days workers have to come to work. 

Some companies have managed to reduce the number of days workers are to report physically at worked, this is to reduce the cost of transport especially, they are made to work at home for some days and come on certain number of days.

Doubling workers salary, it’s all not about making money, its about helping humanity, the cost of living is high, families are suffering, Cost of items are extremely high, Doubling of salaries of workers will cushion them at least forward and reduce a lot of burden and loans on their head.

Some companies are now using company buses to convey workers, some are giving extra allowances to support workers.

Teacher unions were able to fight early for cost of living allowance which government granted 15%  to all public sector workers,  Validation; COLA For Public Sector Workers Details

Just when the 15% CoLA was confirmed, inflation went so high making the 15% COLA almost valueless, some came up to speak about  it including some teacher unions 15 % COLA – 48.7% Water + Electricity Tariff = Neg 33.7%; Government Impoverishes Ghanaian Public Sector Workers perpetually 

Current inflation rate is not the same when we agreed on 15% CoLA – CCT-GH

Workers also have to experience a free fall of the  Ghanaian cedi against the US dollar and the unreasonable doubling of prices of goods by market women.

As government is working hard to solve the economic challenge, management can also put something together to support teachers.

The only time teachers see  money is at the end of the month, just imagine what they are going through.

Transport fares have become extremely expensive, Majority of teachers don’t stay in the schools or in government bungalows hence coming to school will be difficult for them.

Ghana Education service and the Ministry of Education can do better for teachers.

GES Salary Advance; How to Apply

BECE Graduates Paying 1,034gh Clearance Fee Before School Selection Details

Check the NTC Mop Up Dates/Centers for the Teachers Card and get Ready – All Regions

All Teachers both Private and Public must have this NTC Certificate/License; Deadline Given-Here is how you can get one

This is the Amount teachers get as Professional Allowance and clause 24 of the C. A; Are Teachers to pay for the Courses?






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Abass Abdul-Ganiu
Abass Abdul-Ganiu
November 2, 2022 7:14 pm

The salaries of teachers should be increased not less than 60% before they will be able to manage the current economic situation.
Some teachers use their salaries to buy TLM to teach learners.

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