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Eduwatch Recommendations to GoG on 2023 Education Budget

1. The Ministry of Education must prioritise spending efficiency and inclusive governance
strategies in such difficult periods of resource deficits.

2. To optimize spending efficiency, the Ministry of Education must normalize competitive
procurement, strengthen value for money, prioritize pro-poor spending through targeting of
social interventions, and redistribute surplus teachers to schools with teacher deficits.

3. To improve inclusive resource governance and augment the resource gap, the Ministry of
Education must adopt an equitable and inclusive education financing framework for
formalizing already existing opportunities for parental contribution to financing basic and
secondary education.

4. The Ministry of Finance must take the necessary steps to increase the education sector
allocation to meet the global benchmark of 4-6 per cent of GDP and 15-20 per cent of
government expenditure. There is an opportunity in the supplementary budget, with a focus
on basic education.

5. The Ministry of Finance should stop pre-defining and ring-fencing the Ministry of
Education’s budget allocation. The Ministry of Education should be allowed to distribute,
allocate and own its budget based on considered priorities.

6. The Ministry of Finance should urgently revise the 2023 budget allocation for existing
interventions which covers the critical interventions – Capitation Grant, Feeding Grants to
Special Schools and the provision of Establishment Supplies to basic schools.

7. The Ministry of Education must prioritize basic education infrastructure in the 2023
GETFund formula in light of the growing number of schools operating under trees and in
dilapidated structures.
At least a third of GETFund’s discretionary expenditure must benefit basic education infrastructure.


According to Eduwatch’s analysis,  Budget allocation to the Ministry of Education over the years has always been skewed towards the payment of Salaries and  allowances to Teachers and other educational workers.

Between the years 2021-2023, an average of 60.53 per cent of sector’s budget allocation from all funding sources was allocated to compensation of employees.

In the 2023 budget, an amount of GH¢15.2 billion, representing 61.5 Percent of the total budget allocation to education from all funding sources has been embarked for the payment of salaries and allowances under Compensation of Employees.

From GoG through  the Consolidated Fund and  Annual Budget  Read more here MOE requested GH¢302.4 million for 2023 recruitment of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff



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