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English language Objectives and Answers WASSCE Standard Part I

Seekersnewsgh By Esther Yeboah 


Hello Students, Here are some WASSCE questions and answers on English, Kindly Go through as many times as possible.

We have prepared it in such a way that, the questions come with immediate answers, this is to help you get immediate feedback and also ensure you’re going through it in a relaxed manner.

Here we go, if you have any question or you’re a Teacher and you need this pdf send us a message.  You can also comment below this post.


  1. It is the pressure of work that has necessitated his early retirement. A. volume     B. bitterness. C. strain D. weight.

Correct answer: A. volume

  1. The connection between the event and an earlier attack on the president was described as very remote

A.vague.                B. distant. C. real D.unknown

Correct answer:. D. unknown

  1. The church was eager to reward Awudu for his enthusiasm        A. Loyalty.  B. Obedience   C. Zeal  D. Faith.

Correct answer: C. zeal

  1. How else could we have gone through the spate of harassment? A Suffered. B. Sustained C. Escaped. D. Endured

Correct answer: A. suffered

  1. How come Sebastian is so ill-mannered? A. arrogant.  B. Bad-tempered  C. Rough  D. Rude

Correct answer: D. rude

  1. Abena made derogatory remarks about the standard of my work. A. Uncomplimentary.  B. Unsupportive  C. Senseless.       D. Ignorant

Correct answer: A. Uncomplimentary.

  1. It is possible to draw a parallel between the two positions. A. Agreement. B. Line C. liking. D. Similarity

Correct answer: D. Similarity.

  1. Irish Catherine would stop pestering me about decorating the house. A. Compelling. B. Reminding C. Bothering. D. Involving                           Correct answer: C. bothering.


9. Space travelers set sterling examples of endurance.

A. Outstanding. B. Surpassing C. Motivating. D. Promising

Correct answer: A. outstanding.

10. She vowed to avenge the inhuman treatment meted out to her.

A. Reciprocate. B. Retaliate C. repay. D. Return

Correct answer: B. Retaliate

  1. My mother was annoyed with me; apparently she had not received my letter.   A. certainly. B. Sadly C. Obviously. D. Really

Correct answer:. C. Obviously


12. These two women are always together gossiping about their neighbours.

A. Chatting. B. clamouring C. Discussing. D. Declaring

Correct answer: A. Chatting.

13. No company can thrive in a depressed economy.  A. grow. subside. C. mature        D. ripen

Correct answer:. A. Grow

  1. Many mothers still fret about their grown-up children. A. Complain. B. Boast C. Think. D. Worry

Correct answer :  D. Worry

  1. Nobody expects a son to treat his father so shabbily. A. freely. B. disrespectfully C. annoyingly  D. deceitfully

Correct answer : B. disrespectfully

  1. Our search for her failed so we abandoned

A. stopped.        B. rounded  C. deserted.         D. avoided.

Correct answer : A. stopped.

  1. The penalty for rape in some countries is life imprisonment.

A . fine      B. punishment. C. payment D. atonement.

Correct answer: B. punishment

  1. I was very serious but my friend dismissed my points. A.rejected. abonded C.cleared.      D.sacked .

Correct answer : A. rejected

  1. some teachers are endowed with great tolerance. A. honoured.  B. blessed. C. old.       D. left

Correct answer : B. blessed

  1. Mr Brown is so captivated by his wife’s beauty that he has sworn never to come home late again. A. compelled. B. captured C.changed          D.charmed

Correct answer : D. charmed .

  1. Instead of being aggressive the culprit was conciliatory.

A . assertive.       B forceful. C. violent D. insistent

Correct answer : C. violent.

  1. There is something about this man is that’s most people find odious.   A. impolite. B. odd C. replusive . D. funny

Correct answer : C. replusive.

  1. Stanley was caught by Mr. Jones when he tried to mimic A. colour. B.imitate.

C.mock.            D.joke

Correct answer :    B. imitate

  1. In an angry disposition, the guard rushed at the thief. A.stature.  B. behaviour

C.mind.          D.mood.

Correct answer : D. mood

  1. As soon as he heard the news, he became motionless with shock  A. transfixed B. unwilling C. dreadful. D. redundant

Correct answer : A. transfixed

  1. The innocent boy was lured by his peers into drug addiction.

A.enticed.    B.pulled C.forced.     D.dragged.

Correct answer : A. enticed

  1. Esinam pursued prudent financial policies in her ccompany..

A.amazing.     B. clear C. sound.      D. cooperative.

Correct answer : C. sound

  1. We have to meet again because they are still some outstanding matters .

A. prominent.     B. unsettled C. not-easy. D. difficult

Correct answer : A. prominent

29.The mob challenged Peter’s audacious  behaviour.

A.irritative.       B.friendly C. daring. D. lenient.

Correct answer : C. daring.

  1. The Executive Committee had to summon an emergency meeting to address the cries .A. assemble. B. allow C. conduct. D. call

Correct answer : D. call.

  1. After accepting his appointment as a History professor, they discovered that he was a complete sham.  A. rude person                B. imposter  C. disgrace D. failure

Correct answer : B. imposter

  1. He resented any criticism of the way he worked.

A. felt annoyed about     B.disagreed with

C. always ignored D. doubted

Correct answer : A. felt annoyed about

33. Many people loathe working on Sundays.

A. love B. hate C. fret D. disregard

Correct answer : B. hate

  1. His financial situation is so precarious that very soon he may be insolvent.

A. dependant                      B. bankrupt C. begging D. lending

Correct answer : B. bankrupt

  1. Many public officers are sometimes defamed by the press. A. libelled B. praised C. celebrated D.mocked

Correct answer :. A. libelled


36. Many listeners disliked the haughty manner in which the minister spoke.

A. welcoming B. harsh C. arrogant D. insulting.

Correct answer : C. arrogant

  1. His face gleamed with excitement when he received the award. A. shone B. filled C. grew D. moved

Correct answer : A. shone

  1. We won the match because our defense was impregnable. A. qualified B. unbeatable C. faithful D. skilled

Correct answer :. B. unbeatable

39.Some bosses are fond of harassing their staff.

A. fighting B. beating C. condemning D. intimidating

Correct answer :. D. intimidating

  1. Adabla couldn’t entrust his business to the first son because of the latter’s erratic behaviour .

A.unstable               B.care-free C.  inflexible                     D.extravagant

Correct answer :.     A.unstable.

  1. I dislike John for being loquacious   A. understanding B. inquisitive C talkative D. fanciful

Correct answer : C talkative

  1. The accused prayed the judge for leniency . A. asked                 B. thanked C. praised D. begged

Correct answer :. D. begged

  1. For Esi to run the 800 metres in 9 minutes, she must be endowed with prodigious strength. A. tremendous B. horrible C. awful D. magnanimous

Correct answer :. A. tremendous

  1. Amaziah has few pals because his actions are often inimical to his mates’ interests. A. deadly B. harmful  entertaining D. sincere

Correct answer :. B. harmful

  1. The rebels feared reprisal from the village they had attacked earlier in the week. A. refusal B. response  C. retaliation D. rejection

Correct answer : C. retaliation

  1. To reveal a loved one’s secrets is treachery. A. cowardice B. deadly C. faithfulness D. betrayal

Correct answer :. D. betrayal

  1. We are prepared to support any ideas which catch our fancy. A. desire B. imagination C. mode D. thoughts

Correct answer :. B. imagination

  1. The fans were ardent in their support for the team. A. passionate B. eager C. careful D. fierce

Correct answer :. A. passionate

  1. They were so engrossed in the movie that they forgot it was time for dinner. A. spirited B. interested  C. absorbed D. hidden

Correct answer :. C. absorbed

  1. Stealing is considered scandalous in all societies.

A. reasonable                   B. disgraceful  C. unhealthy D. evil

Correct answer :. B. disgraceful


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