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English Language Questions and Answers;  ANTONYMS ( WORDS OPPOSITE  IN MEANING). WASSCE Standard 002

Seekersnewsgh By Esther Yeboah 


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Here are some questions and answers Base on the WASSCE syllabus for English Language, it’s made easy, read and get the answer immediately. The more you go through the more familiar you become with the words.


1.Due to many months of extravagant  living, the young master has become…….

A.thrifty.          B.prodigal

C.exhorbitant.    D.wasteful

Correct answer: A. thrifty
  1. I don’t have to accept lazy and ……. teachers together.

A.relaxed.          B. reluctant

  1. diligent. D. indolent
Correct answer:. C. diligent
  1. The patrons are supposed to distribute the maize, not ……..it.

A.dispend.           B.group

C.hoard.               D.gather

Correct answer:. C.hoard
  1. When we face misfortunes, it is more advantageous to be……….than agitated.

A.annoyed.          B.disturbed

C.self-composed.     D.upset

Correct answer: C.self- composed
  1. The culprit was already fidgeting in the dock while the victim stood in the box ………

A.unruffled.           B. trembling

C.restlessly.           D.disturbed

Correct answer:  A.unruffled
  1. Isreal’s speech must not be………..,but rather long-winded.

A.edited.           B.rambling

C. wordy D. concise

Correct answer: D.concise
  1. In the Accra library,the books should be well……….not jumbled.

A.organised.          B.messed up C. rumbled.           D. dislocated.

Correct answer: A. organised
  1. For his recklessness, he fell from affluence to ……….

A.flux.          B.beggary

  1. deceit. D.starvation
Correct answer: B. beggary
  1. The headmistress is really good at terminating people’s projects but not able to………. her own

A.discontinue.       B.elapse

C. organise D.take on

Correct answer: D.take on
  1. Now,there are too many theories which don’t help,we have to be……..

A.practical.        B.eloquent

C.sober.           D.logical

Correct answer: A.practical
  1. People tend to give evasive answers when they notice that questions asked are…….

A . interesting                   B.direct

C. persuasive. D.firm

Correct answer:.    B. direct
  1. I must have heard some innocuous comments but my mom considered them……

A.mild.        B. gracious

C.healthy.      D. hurtful

Correct answer: D. hurtful
  1. Many customers became conversant with the new procedure however, others were……. A. acquainted. B. ignorant C. familiar. D. informed
Correct answer:. B. ignorant
  1. Your dormant attitude of the past contrasts deeply with present day………issues.

A.fallow.       B.idle

C.hectic.       D. inoperative

Correct answer : C. hectic
  1. The forever audible voices of the choir has suddenly become…………. A. muted. B. distinct.C. plain. D. noticeable
Correct answer : A. muted
  1. Too far from being provocative, Alexander’s answer was rather………..A. triggering. B. angering B. conciliatory. D.teasing
Correct answer :. C. conciliatory
  1. The Examination Council must ratify the mistakened marks it had earlier………

A.approved.        B.annulled

C.validate.         D.endorse

Correct answer: B. annulled
  1. All this while we assumed Peter was the instigator, he was rather the….. ……. A. cool-head. B. provoker  C. advisor. D. troublemaker
Correct answer : A.cool-head
  1. An inspiration it was when the protagonist rose from obscurity into……..

A.vagueness.          B.dimness

C. mysteriousness D. brightness

Correct answer : D. brightness

20.The Council of Elders could not rescind their judgement because the Chief had……..it.

A.nullified           B.invalidated

C. confirmed. D.dissolved

Correct answer : C. confirmed
  1. Among my superiors, the eldest is ………while the youngest is haughty.

A.braggy.        B. humble

C. lofty. D. arrogant

Correct answer :  B. humble
  1. Can any one afford sumptuous meals in this economy? We have to make do with the


A.yummy.         B. splendid

C. rich. D. unpalatable

Correct answer :     D. unpalatable
  1. Madam’s knowledge in the sciences is only superficial but not…………..

A.external.             B. profound

C.skin-deep.          D.satisfaciiry

Correct answer :    B. profound
  1. In a place where there is discord,………..will never reign. A. harmony. B. enimity

C.friction.                D. disaccord

Correct answer : A. harmony
  1. This tranquility we live in now is nothing compared to the………life we have been through .

A.undisturbed       B.unshaken

C.unrest.               D.damaged

Correct answer : C.unrest
  1. It buffles me at how crimes which were rare in the past years are now………..

A.rife.            B.perculiar

C.odd      D.uncommon

Correct answer : A. rife
  1. The wilting flowers were just……….by the recent rains.

A.eroded.       B. weakened

  1. revived. D. dismissed
Correct answer:.  C. revived
  1. Neighbours must learn to give hearty welcome to each other and do away with the ……….. reception. A. cold. B. genuine

C wholehearted.      D. keen

Correct answer : A. cold

29.The leader will lay off the experienced followers and ………..new ones

A.suspend.         B.cut off C. promote.        D.engage.

Correct answer : D.engage
  1. Do not indulge in this malpractice again;……….from it

A.disfavour.        B. resolve

C. withdraw. D. abstain

Correct answer : D. abstain


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