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Explain to Public Sector workers not to expect 15% increase in net Salary

Explain to Public Sector workers not to expect 15% increase in net Salary

Public sector workers are given 15% Cost of living allowance to push them through this hard times.

The sector workers are expecting their 15% Cost of living allowance in their account by the end of the month of J August,

Experts are also cautioning  public sector workers not to expect the 15% increase in their net salary.

The allowance will be added to other allowances and the necessary tax will be deducted.

Many people have started the calculations on the amount they will be getting depending on their base pay.

Some believe it’s the same as the retention premium and so are expecting that same amount added to their salary.

In an interview sighted by labour experts are warning the media not to mislead the public sector workers to be expecting 15% rise just like that.

But government has given assurance by the end of August, July’s CoLA will be added and paid.

Will Professional Development Allowance be affected?

The government has not intention to cancel the professional Development allowance, any communication about the professional development allowance will be communicated by the Teacher Unions.

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