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Finding On-campus Jobs for Students

Finding On-campus Jobs for Students

Most students go to the university with little on them, How about finding some simple on-campus jobs to save money or gain work experience, on-campus jobs are a great option for students.

Not only are they convenient in location, but some offer great opportunities to relieve living costs or provide essential experiences to add to your resume before hitting the market to hunt. Some will even give you automatic Recruitment.


The on-campus jobs come in diverse ways

The ones from the University

Some from other institutions around and Colleagues.

By studying the school environment, you can also create something for yourself.

  • Some groceries (like Publix) hire students of course part-time.
  • Some restaurants do too, for the heavy days
  • You can also mow the grass or wash the windows.
  • Bookstore Employee
  •  Student Production Assistant
  • Lifeguard.
  • Event Caterer
  • Fitness Class Instructor
  •  Tutor
  •   Research Assistant
  •   Administrative Assistant
  •  Library Attendant
  • Campus Tour Guide mostly opened during the Admission of Freshmen
  • Resident Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant
  • You could create a business of washing windows of department stores or malls and taking care of plants.

It’s true that your main objective there is to learn but that’s not your main objective in life. your main objective in life is to Make it in life not to Pass your Exams.

No University will allow you to Priorities Student work over Academic Work. Some have limited Hours Students can use to work.

Many started simply side Hussle on campus and now are millionaires.

Finding Jobs

Every university has opportunities for Students,

If looking for a job on campus, the first thing to do is to visit the University’s main website

On the university’s main website, search Vacancy, Vacancy for students, Jobs, Employment, internship, Students Assist on-campus Jobs.

You will see available jobs with

Job Title:


Job Site:



You must know that, it’s not all available jobs published are for Lecturers, students are also part. You need to browse through to find one.

Most Universities/ colleges have few jobs for students who need them.

Visit the Office

Go to the Finance Department and request available job Assistance for Students

Some Universities have separate Job Centres /Students Recruitment Offices available on campus where you visit to request Jobs.

Check through the Daily magazine/ Newsletter for vacancies.


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