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Finishing your Project work (long essay) on time

Many students are eager to graduate, the only headache is how to complete one’s Project work or thesis on time.

As we have interviewed some colleagues who assist students write their long essays, they all seem to give the same information on the completion of the work.

In Ghana before you graduate from any university, you need to undertake a project work. For undergraduates its known as long easy. For masters and above we have Thesis and dissertations. They all follow the same procedure.

Long easies are a bit difficult because that is your very first time. If you are able to write it well, the rest become very easy.

What Delays the Work

Choosing the wrong topic. The number one thing that delays the work for students is choosing the wrong topic. Wrong topics can be interesting but are dangerous, your school will approve the topic your supervisor will be also interested but when issues start coming you will be force to finish it because it has been approved already. Your supervisor will be interested because when you finish he/she can publish the work but the resource involved you will have to suffer for it. Your target is to finish and graduate and nothing else.

Most students are unable to complete the work on time because of procrastination. They feel they still have more time not taking into account the magnitude of the project. In our interview with some of the people on campus who helps students to write their project admits most students stay till its too late before they even come up with their research topics.

Rushing to finish early can also delay the work. Most lecturers that are good will go through all part of the work and any mistake seen must be corrected. One of the aspect that delays students is the Grammar, Citations and length of work.

Some lecturers can also be blamed for the delay in so many ways. Some will just not have time for students when they present their work.

In this digital world some lecturers still insist students meet them face to face before they approve their work, whiles they could do it online via email and other channels. That means even as you are far away from campus, you would have to report to school before you start the work.

How to finish on time.

  • To finish on time, one of the first things to do is to contact a researcher about the topics you have in mind, he/she will be able to provide you with insight about the topic. Choosing the wrong topic can cost you a lot. In our interview with some researchers, it came out that majority of students who needs their assistance because they can not finish on time is because they chose the wrong topic and it has been approved. since it has already been approve they are forced to finish it even though they have issues with the topic now. It can also not be cancelled.


  • Choose your topic before you leave school for the holidays. When you choose the topic, you will be able to submit it for approval by your supervisor before you go.


  • Select topics you are interested in and can as well get resources for, have in mind the work you are going to do has been done before, you need to find their shortcoming and build on it.  Get more information from a researcher before submitting the topic for approval by the school.


  • Get the resources you will need, gather online materials and other materials you will need before you start the work. It makes you move faster as you have all the resources available.


  • Know the supervisor’s works, most supervisors have their own unique way of supervising their work, at the University Library (serial section) a copy of the work of your seniors are kept  there, Visit the section and look for works supervised by the lecturer as a guide.


  • Get the contact of your supervisor and submit some of your works online thus via email for corrections before you meet face to face. First two chapters can be done and submitted online for review before meeting the lecturer. It makes you work fast and prevent plagiarism since you have ample time to do the work.

In some universities the project work is done in groups whiles some do individual works. If you are in a group find the group members to start as early as possible. Failure to start early will just frustrate you to hire someone to write for you.




Peter N. Djangmah is a multifaceted individual with a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and blogging. With a firm belief in the power of digital education and science, I am affectionately known as the Private Minister of Information. Connect with me
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