Friday 30th September, 2022 is Declared Holiday in Oyibi Detail

The Oyibi Traditional Council has declared Friday, 30th September 2022 as a Holiday.

In a press release on 27th September, 2022,  Shops and Schools will be closed on the said date.

Here is the Release

”Declaration of Friday 30th September, 2022 as Holiday in Oyibi

On behalf of NII BOYE OKANSHAN VI- Oyibi Mantse and the entire pricipal elders of Oyibi Divisional Council. I send my seasonal greetings to the entire citizens living on any part of Oyibi Land.

The general Oyibi Community is hereby informed that, on Friday 30th September which makrs a significant day in the history of Oyibi Land ”OYIBI YELE YELI” (OYIBI YAM FESTIVAL) is a holiday and should be observed as such throughout the entire Oyibi community only”.

Please this Holiday is for Oyibi Community Only even if you are at the border of Oyibi, you are not part. ”

List of All Qualified Schools ; NSMQ 2022

Dear GCB Customers this message is for you 422

GCB Salary Structure Leaked Online- All Details



In a new release by the Oyibi traditional Council, they have withdrawn the declaration of Holiday.

The council apologizes to the community for the action declared earlier


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