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From SHS to University- Alternatives ; A Must read

Graduate unemployment

Graduating from Senior High School to University is one of the tough things our SHS graduate face in Ghana.

Lets look at some of the things that affects students from continuing their education.

Education is good, yes it is but schooling is not all that it takes for one to be successful in the world. There are quite a number of rich people on earth that did not attend university.

University is not like SHS, all ages are accepted. It does not matter how old you are, you can attend university at any age.  Even without SHS certificate you can apply for matured admission thus when you are 25yrs and above. It’s good to attend early but there is no need to rush.

The application process

When you are about to graduate, you can apply to the university with awaiting results. Meaning your results are not in but you give your details to the university including your index number. The University will pick your results straight from WAEC even before you check.

It’s unfortunate after SHS there are no tangible Companies to recruit you hence everyone want to attend the university.

You can also wait after WAEC releases the results you apply. You choose the course base on your interest, ability, results and resources.

What affects students ability to proceed to university?

Most students are not able to continue to university due to some of the under listed issues …

To be admitted to the university, you must pass the four core subjects ( English, Science, Mathematics, Social ) including some of your elective subject a minimum of C6 in the core is very important.

Some of the things that pushes students to poor performance includes,

Disrespect for Teachers, Parents not monitoring their wards during the Final year ; getting the chance to do whatever they like without learning, Becoming reluctant to prepare fully for the exams, Dependence on leaked questioned papers.

  • Financial difficulties

Going to university starts from buying the forms, which some people can not even afford.

Admission fees, Accommodations, feeding, Books and some times transport fares for long distance lectures. These are all expensive.

Your guardians might not have the resources to support you.

But there are some few avenues to assist you.

In the University there are scholarship opportunities available to assist students Financially.

The vice chancellor’s scholarship, for good students who needs financial assistance, There are international scholarships in the local universities, MTN, Vodaphone all have various kinds of scholarships for students. There are individual scholarships too available in the various schools.

More scholarships

There are some chiefs who also have scholarships for their people.

There is cocoa farmers scholarships available for children of cocoa farmers.

The Government of Ghana through the Ghana Scholarship secretariat also provides scholarship to students both international and local.


There are also loans for students who needs help at affordable rates.

These includes Students Loan both Local students loan and international students loan. It’s a loan and would have to be paid back.

It will be very sad after struggling through university and one have to be at home without a job.

One of the key issues we raised from the beginning is that university is not the only avenue that can make you rich.

Doing your own Job

The are things you can learn and become a master within a short period of time, then gather some few resources to further your education if you want.

A friend who could not even attend JHS due to financial challenges now has his own car and a very big House. He went to learn Welding of metals. Because he is very serious with the work he has made it big time. He has now applied to the University to do a course to upgrade to the next level.

We the graduates don’t even have bicycles.

You just have to be serious with what you want to do and you will make it. Things like

Phone repairs

Typing jobs

TV/Radio or Laptop repairs



Mechanic Jobs ( fitting )

Electronic  installations ( CCTV, alarm systems, )



Painting etc.

These are serious works you can do that when you are serious can easily take it to the next level. For the university it’s always there.

A lot of graduates are in the house, some are now considering becoming carpenters, Fitters, Electricians etc. just imagine you took loan to school and after, you can’t get a job hence have to learn carpentry to pay for the loan whiles you can become a carpenter after a year or two of making money, roll into any university to polish what you are doing.

It’s also not bad going to the university, we have outlined some of the helps available to support you graduate.

Course and available Jobs

There are lots of courses at the university that after graduating you might not get job.

You must not attend for attending sake, Every course has its own ups and downs, make it a point to read about the course before you do them.

Most Education courses will land you in the class room or with educational NGOs. Even with that, there are more graduate, licensed Professional Teachers at home who can’t find Jobs.

You must think through the course carefully, ask questions before you enroll. You don’t enroll because that’s the course your grade permits you to do.


Some people too will promise you to do certain course with the hope they will assist you get a Job, that’s also nice but comes with a risk.

What happens after the course and he/she is not there to help, what can you do? You must do course you can easily switch in the field.

Focus on Learning than passing. You can Pass very well but if you haven’t learnt anything you will find yourself wanting in the world.

We believe when we consider some of these Trades and opportunities Graduate unemployment can be reduced drastically.

The worse feeling is to graduate and still be at home.

Open learning some of these trades, even when you get a job you can add it up and make a lot of money, rather than depending on loans for survival. Most jobs do not even pay well.

Make the right decision today.






Peter N. Djangmah is a multifaceted individual with a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and blogging. With a firm belief in the power of digital education and science, I am affectionately known as the Private Minister of Information. Connect with me
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November 11, 2022 2:13 am

I want to complete school

Rashid Adamu
November 11, 2022 2:14 am
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