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General overview of the National Standardized Test NST



• Items are not Multiple Choice Items

They are sub-tasks that assess foundational skills

• Test to be administered One on One using Tablets


They are Multiple Choice Items

Duration : 1 hr 15 Mins per paper

• Test to be administered in each school (Private and Public Primary Schools)

Mathematics Test Overview

Mathematics test is administered as the first test of the day for Primary 4

Scannable Answer sheets will be used.

Each Students will be assigned a 4 digit Index Number beginning with 2 for P2 and 4 for P4

• Learners will use their test booklets to work out mathematical problems (no additional paper will be given)

Test Administrators will read the instructions and an example test item to the learners.

• Test Administrators do not read any test items from the test booklet itself – only from their TA script.

English Grammar Test Overview

Test Administrators will read only the instructions and an example test item to the learners.

Test Administrators do not read the test items to the learners aloud.

• For the English Grammar, reading and writing test, learners will begin directly after the Listening Comprehension part of the test concludes

English Listening Comprehension Test Overview

• English Listening Comprehension is administered after the 30 minute break and is first of the English tests given.

• For the Listening Comprehension, Test Administrators will:

– Read the instructions –

-Read an example test item and answer options aloud

– Not read answer options during the actual test

All parts of the English test (Listening Comprehension, Grammar, Reading and writing) are in one test booklet.

The NST is not meant to replace Teacher Made Test.

10 parallel forms of the test with serial codes will be used for P4 NST.

Each test form will be assigned serial codes with differing order of questions.

• This implies that each learner will have different order of questions.

• The test shall be conducted at the same time under same condition.

• The NST for Primary 2 and 4 are not high stake examinations.

The test is not meant to ‘witch hunt’ any teacher, school or district.

• It is not for ranking schools and learners.

It is meant to find or identify learning challenges in schools.

Engaging in Malpractice to attain high will obviously inform stakeholders that your school does not have any learning difficulties hence, no support or intervention will be provide to your school.

All Primary 2 learners will participate in the *National Standardized Test (NST)* which is scheduled to

Headteachers should kindly take note and assist the Test Administrators upon arrival in the school.

*NB* : No staff should interfere with the exercise. This is a nationwide exercise.

Universities/Technical with Open Admission Portal for 2022/2023 Academic Year. KNUST, UG, UMAT.UDS …..

Don’t dare touch our pensions; Warning to gov’t as Scissors seems ready for Haircuts ; Meaning of Haircuts


Update on National Standardized Test (NST) 2022; Here is the Price per child

Requirements to register your pupils for the National Standardised Test (NST) 2022

Link to Register Basic 2 and 4 for the National Standardized Test NST 2022


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