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GES Salary Advance; How to Apply 2024

GES Salary Advance; How to Apply, a FlashBack File

GES Application for Maternity/ Paternity Leave Letter sample

Revised How to become a SISO ( Circuit Supervisor) in GES; Remunerations and Duties

Revised Approved Rates of allowances for Teaching Staff within GES

GES like other organizations has many allowances for Teachers, Today, we want to bring your mind to the Salary advance.

We know workers who Take loans of Ghc 200 or less just to be able to survive the month, Obtaining a loan of Ghc 1, 000 at the Bank comes with huge interest.

Should workers get salary advances, it will help them avoid some of these hard loans referred to as soft Loans.

In the CBA for Teaching Staff, there is evidence the employer gives salary advances to its workers.

Salary Advance

Two-month Basic salary Advance approved by management may be paid to an employee proceeding on leave which may be recovered in twelve (12) months.

Special Advance

The Ghana Education Service may also grant special advance to members of the Service in the event of the verified death of an employee’s father, mother, spouse, or child, or the case of theft, fire, or such mishap.

An employee on application may be considered for not more than Two (2) months’ Salary Advance.

Repayment of such advance shall commence after two (2) months grace period and shall be spread over a period not exceeding twenty-four (24) months.

All allowances Supposed to be enjoyed by Teachers

Revised Approved Rates of allowances for Teaching Staff within GES


New draft proposal of Collective Agreement and Housing Scheme for Members; GNAT NEC Meeting Update

How to Apply

To begin the salary advance process, write a detailed request in a letter

Obtain a cover letter from your head

Attach the letters and submit them to the GES IPP unit.

The teacher will be paid by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department. The advances are recovered in installments and are usually interest-free.

Most teachers confirm they have ever taken this salary advance before and it was helpful, But could not confirm if the scheme is still available.

In seekersnewsgh’s search for answers, we were referred to the collective Agreement, And it states categorically on pages 26-27  the salary advance and the Special Advance explained earlier.

With the new Review of the Collective Agreement, Should these Allowances be brought back and how do they become effective?

Any Suggestions to the Unions?
Please leave a feedback on thisx is working hard to get more updates on the matter.


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Gordon KUDJO Awusi
2 months ago

I forgotten my EMIS code

Oppong Bernard
Oppong Bernard
3 months ago
Any Suggestions to the Unions?" Read more »

Yes it will be good

Jubril Quayson
Jubril Quayson
1 year ago

This is really wonderful…

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