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The Ghana Education service has sent strong warning to teachers who continue to use corporal punishment in schools.

The letter

In a letter sited by Seekers News Gh, the GES sends caution to all teachers who continue to use corporal and inhumane punishment in schools.

Teachers who violates this will be sanctioned with the provisions of the revised code of conduct for staff of the Ghana Education service.

Teachers are to apply measures spelt out in the positive Discipline Toolkit and the Head Teachers hand book appendix 2 in dealing with all discipline issues among children.

Download the positive disciplined toolkit


Download the code of conduct for staff of the Ghana education service.

Management of the GES banned the use of corporal punishment in pre-tertiary schools in February, 2017 which brought series of debate by renowned individuals and teachers.

Most scholars argued is the best way forward whiles others argued it’s a foreign culture and there are no better systems in place to train Ghanaian children.

Hence the GES reaffirms this policy again in 2019.

The GES is issuing this letter since it has received several complaints   from both students and parent that teachers are still using corporal punishment in some schools.


source; Ghana Education Service



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