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Ghana School of Law Entrance Exams Questions Leaked Here are the questions papers

In a post by Oliver Osagyefo Oliver Barker on Facebook, He shared this question papers purported to be the Entrance Examination for Ghana School of Law.

His aim according to him is to have the questions cancelled.  Here is what He wrote

Public Service Announcement!

Today at 10am, the Entrance Exams of the Ghana School of Law will be written.

The exam papers leaked last night and it has come to my notice. I am releasing them publicly, so that the School will be forced to cancel it.

The General Legal Council is just as incompetent as the bench. Together they continue to disgrace the legal profession but you folks are refusing to bring them to heel!

Don’t shower or wash hands or dishes during a thunderstorm. Here’s why

Disband the GLC and Close Makola.

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Exams malpractice

As to how the questions got leaked, we are can’t tell. The system must be fair for all. Some Few people will get the questions and pass and those who will genuinely use their brains will fail.

Just imagine such lawyers defending you.

Teacher jailed 7 years for Pressing Student’s Breast twice within the school premises.

Exams Malpractice and Impersonation in the Ongoing WASSCE- New Measures taken to continue the papers


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