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GoG Workers; Payslip Comparison What you should check for; Rank, Level

GoG Workers; Payslip Comparison What you should check for; Rank, Level


As a Government Worker, there are few things you should be conscious about when it comes to your Payslip.

After controller and Accountant General’s Department issue payment. within 48 to 78 Hours your e-payslip will be available to check all transactions.

You can check how much you were paid,

Deductions that hit your account and Even the Bank your money is sent to.

Majority of workers are only interested in the Salary, after the salary nothing, they only check their payslip when they’re not paid.

This is so wrong, Some deductions can be in small amounts you may not notice until its too late.

Incremental jump  and Point Jumps may be stuck or might not be updated, you need to check frequently to be sure your points and Ranks are correct.

Read more here How To Correct The Point of Your Salary Level On Your Payslip Which Fails To Move Upwards 


What to do now

NEW PAYSLIP ; January 2023 Payslip is now available make the following  Comparison.

Download  the December 2022   Payslip

Download the January 2023 Payslip to compare,

Its neccessary to always download to have a copy of your payslip. Anything can happen and you might not be able to access your e-payslip portal, for certain transactions or issues to be resolved, you always need your current Payslip or the affected payslip. Try to always have a copy down.

If you don’t even when to have a physical form of your epayslip,

You can download them and upload them on Google drive.

Any one with Gmail has one.

Just download Google drive, and login, Download the payslip and upload there.

If your phone is even missing, you can always login to Google drive any where to download your payslip for what you may need it for.

Compare the following on your epayslip portal

Salary Level

Salary Scale Type

TIER 2 Contributions

Pension Regulatory Fees won’t be Paid if Controller Doesn’t pay Arrears -Teacher Unions to GoG

Teachers to send Ghana Education Service Occupational Pension Scheme GESOPS to Court


Unfortunately, the affordability was not updated when the payslip became available, but it has now been fully updated.

To check affordability; As you’re login onto the page, click on the Epayslip, the third item, my affordability, Click on it to view. You can also Print it.


Check your deductions ( All your deductions, report any wrongful deductions)

Social Security

Income tax

If Social Security and Income Tax deductions are missing please don’t keep mum, report immediately.


To logout the Epayslip portal Click on the security key and Logout, Even though you may be automatically log out of the system its advisable you manually logout when you’re done on the portal.

Under no circumstance must you use a relative, or Friend or someone’s mobile number to register your Epayslip. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…. How To Make Correction on GOG E-payslip portal (Change of Phone Number) for Free

Public sector workers salaries increased by 30% this should increase your single spine salary and for Teachers the retention Premium. Others who have seen certain allowances may also be increased.


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