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Gov’t 30% and the Request for 2023 COLA for Public Sector Workers

For a good number of days , Government and labour Unions in 2022 negotiated for a Base Pay increment for Public sector workers after the National Daily minimum wage was determined.

Organised Labour requested for a 60% Base Pay rise and Gov’t came with 10% which was rejected.

During the 2023 Budget reading, the Finance Minister announced a 2.5% increase in VAT which changed the Whole story with Organised Labour also increasing their Demands from 60 to 65% Base Pay Increment;  Labour Union Moves Base pay Negotiations to 65%

Many referred to organised Labour as being insensitive to current economic situations, but organised labour mentioned that, all workers deserve better, Government can not pay certain bracket of workers more than others and due to the high cost of living currently, that’s why they are also demanding something better for their members.

After back and forth Meetings, many inconclusive meetings which led to intense negotiations in  January 2023 , with many speculations; 21% Plus COLA ; Public sector workers Salary Negotiations, the meeting ended with organised labour accepting a 30% increment in base pay. 30% Conclusions made on 12th January Public Sector Base Pay Negotiations. 

Surprisingly, During the Cost of living allowance negotiations and offer by government, utility tariffs were increased  Confirm Validation; COLA Paid to workers – Check Amount and deductions made (Tax), 

In less than a week, Utility tariff was increased so much that it almost swallowed the whole COLA, with many workers agitating 15 % COLA ; 48.7% Water + Electricity Tariff = Neg 33.7%; Government Impoverishes Ghanaian Public Sector Workers perpetually

Similarly as the Base Pay of 30% has been given to workers, there’s new increment in tariff and Cost of living skyrocketing.

Utility Tariff took off 1st February, 2023;

With Electricity Tariff of 30%

Water Tariff 8.3%

Petrol  Tariff5-8%

Diesel  Tariff 8-10%

Here are some comments after the increment

Aaron A

So the 30% increment in basic salaries was all a scam. What this government is good at is giving with the left hand and taking double with the right hand.
May God deliver our nation

Richard Elikplim A

Cost of living allowance must be reintroduced for all government workers
Bashiru L.
Now you see the reason why #Labour_unions were demanding for a little over 60% increment?
Rockson J. D.
Apartment renting is a very sensitive issue. Utility Tariff has increased; electricity, water, gas, fuel, and others. Cost of living is going to be challenging for most people including both tenants and landlords.
Chrispaddy D. K
It means that even if your salary is increased by 50% It’s gonna hit your real hard because your purchasing is gonna be affected. Disposable income is gonna be affected, savings is gonna be affected. It’s sad


For these and many other reasons, Many are calling for the return of the Cost of living allowance for public sector workers.

Gov’t swerved Labour by taking off COLA and increasing Tariffs to cover-up the 30% Increment. An Insensitive Act. COLA must return.

¢485m paid as COLA to public sector workers – CAGD 

As Salaries were paid, many workers are even asking of the whereabout of their 30% as they can’t feel a thing, rather increased in taxes and deductions on their payslip.

GoG Workers; Payslip Comparison What you should check for; Rank, Level

January 2023 Validation; Expectations and Reality

For sure, even if Organisd labour will demand for cost of living allowance in 2023, definitely not this time, the hard truth.

Maybe it should have been 30% Plus COLA  during the Base Pay negotiations.

Government must do well to see to the hardship faced by Ghanaians. If inflation goes down, especially food inflation and other items become stable including the Cedi, Requesting for COLA won’t be part of workers worry.

TUC/Organised Labour will definitely take a decision at the right time.

The 2022 COLA was requested for by Teachers GNAT Demands Cost of Living Allowance,Pay our ‘cost of living allowance’ as a matter of urgency.-Teacher Unions

Maybe the 2023 COLA would be requested by Doctors or nurses ….

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1 year ago

God has seen Akuffo Addo.

Mohammed Awal
Mohammed Awal
1 year ago

Government must consider COLA for public sector workers going foreword

Boadi Richard
1 year ago

God knows what will happen to women who drink wine,girls that speak old languages,and suns that set too

1 year ago

I have never seen a deceitful and inconsiderate government in this 4th Republic like this NPP government. You increase workers’ salary by 30% and less than a month all utilities inflate by more than 60%. Meanwhile those who don’t pay for these utilities have seen their already fat salaries still going up. What an insensitive president and government?

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