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Govt Workers to Demand 35% Salary Increment.

Government workers to demand 35% salary increment due to current economic hardship and price hikes.

A lot of Ghanaian workers are feeling the heat of the economy but are calm because they feel it is normal. Most Government workers especially Teachers  are among the least paid in the country, all in the name their number is large. Most of them are compromising.


Some teachers who spoke to explain that, their take home at the end is less than Ghc 300 because they have taken loans just to survive the months. Some even said they go as far as Borrowing Ghc 50 from any available source: friends, Loan Apps, Bank Loan Top ups, MTN Loan just to survive the month.

Some even said their children are not able to go to school because they can’t afford it. Most family members think they are stingy because any time they call them for help they are unable to help

With all these headache they keep mum because they feel the economy is in recession. Not until in recent times they came across a social media document showing how much some CEO’s of SOEs earn and the details of their earning.  ‘It’s sad in our line of work, how come I even chose this profession a new recruit in GRA is earning an amount close to my annual salary”.

”CEOs of State-Owned Enterprises in Ghana are paid Inconvenience Allowance of 500 cedis a Day. Meanwhile small increment in government workers basic salary is wahala” said some Twitter users. 

About 36 public servant group are also demanding neutrality allowance  after CLOGSAG strike. Government agrees to pay the  neutrality allowance just that it wants the name neutrality allowance changed.  All Public servants also wants the Neutrality allowance. Just imagine  when teachers become politically bias in the classroom, They must also be paid neutrality allowance.

Govt has agreed to pay ‘Neutrality Allowance’ in quarter 4, 2022, but will change name.

The Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) is one of the major components of the Single Spine Pay Policy (SSPP) introduced by the Government of Ghana and got implemented in 2010, to regulate the payment of public service workers especially those under article 190 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

Even with this structure that is to put all qualifications on an acceptable rank/ scale some still find themselves wanting because the allowances attached are not given to all, only a handful.

Where did Teachers go wrong

This is a social media post sent to seekersnewsgh on inequalities in salary of Ghanaian workers, where some enjoy more than they need others get nothing.


1. All workers wear clothes, but some workers are paid clothing allowance as much as Ghc10,000 pa. While others are not. Why.?

2. All workers enjoy entertainment, but some workers are paid entertainment allowance as much as Ghc2,000 a month While others are not. Why.?

3. All workers use either private vehicles or public vehicles to their worker places, but some workers are paid transport allowance While others are not. Why.?

4. All workers sleep in accommodations, but some are paid accommodation allowance While others are not. Why.?

5. All workers are faced with some inconvenience, but some are paid inconvenience allowance While others are not. Why.?

6. All workers are faced with one risk or the other, but some are paid risk allowance While others are not. Why.?

7. Above all, those who are paid huge salary do not:

i. Buy Food, they are supplied.

ii. Buy Fuel, they are given fuel coupons.

iii. Pay for accommodation, yet are paid accommodation allowance.

8. However, those who are paid with peanut as salary:
i. Buy their own food

ii. Pay for their own fuel or transportation

iii. Pay for their own accommodation, Yet they do not enjoy any allowance. ”

Upon all these happening Government workers are now ready for a salary increment not less than 35%.

In 2021/2022 there was a 4 and 7% increment.  Intelligence we are gathering shows how angry some government workers are on that development and would really not accept anything like that ever again.

“The 35%  increment is a must and we will make sure we get it”. Said a concern Teacher. It is boing up and coming very fast.


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