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Here is why Elon Musk says he will “make an alternative phone” for Twitter

BREAKING: Elon Musk says he will “make an alternative phone” if Apple and Google remove the Twitter app from their App Stores.

This comes as some pressure groups want Google and iPhone remove twitter from their stores.

According to some ,Anti-free speech leftists and allied media are behind the  push to remove ElonMusk’s Twitter
from Google and Apple app stores.

“‘Apple and Google need to seriously start exploring booting Twitter off the app store,’ said Alejandra Caraballo, clinical instructor at Harvard Law’s cyberlaw clinic.”

Elon Musk says he will create an alternative smartphone if Twitter is removed from Google Play and the App Store but He prays it doesn’t come to that.

Liz Wheeler wrote, ”If Apple & Google boot Twitter from their app stores,
should produce his own smartphone.

Half the country would happily ditch the biased, snooping iPhone & Android. The man builds rockets to Mars, a silly little smartphone should be easy, right? ”

EIon Musk ”I certainly hope it does not come to that, but, yes, if there is no other choice, I will make an alternative phone”

ElonMusk has been trending everywhere after purchasing twitter and Firing so many workers. Some believe the platform will collapse as engineers were reportedly said to have abandoned the company due to Musk’s controversial laying-off workers and his high demands.

He admitted to some times Firing the Wrong people, and have to call them back to work.

Do you have a twitter account?

If it’s removed, will you buy a space X Phone to enable you use twitter……….?

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