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How can tamed heads and teachers produce assertive students? Read

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Kwame Alorvi’s response on Ahotor Fm a while ago to the Minister on the assertion that teachers have produced *tamed and timid students* who could not ask questions:

He said;

1. He was a Deputy Minister of Education for four years, and Minister of Education for almost two years now. His Ministry and GES have intimidated Headmasters, headteachers, Directors and teachers who have been tamed to become timid. They can’t speak on challenges in the education sector: time table, lack of T&L materials, no capitation grant, no food, no vacation, etc. When you talk, you are removed from office or transferred.
*How then can tamed heads and teachers produce assertive students?* They can’t give to students what they don’t have.

2. One major way of encouraging students to be assertive and ask questions in class is to let them have access to textbooks and other reading materials to get additional information beyond what the teacher has taught. Four years now into a new curriculum, textbooks have not been provided by government. So students have no means of gathering additional information beyond what the teacher has taught them to be able to be assertive and ask questions. They will continue to accept whatever the teacher has taught and will not ask questions.

3. With the challenges in funding education at all levels, heads do not have the resources to ensure critical teaching and learning. Poor feeding, no papers even to print questions or write letters, delay in payment of allowances and capitation grant etc, all negatively affect effective teaching to produce critical and assertive students.

4. How is the new curriculum introduced since 2018 but with not textbooks, going to solve the Minister’s problem?

We have tamed school children in Ghana, they can’t ask critical questions– Adutwum @UN

Teachers and Head Teachers are Tamed those who are not a victimized


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