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How the NTC/Instill CPD Points will be Awarded and What to do.

Don’t be frustrated for doing courses without CPD Points. The courses we share are all approved and NTC always awards  CPD Points.

Before you do any course with a service provider, Kindly check the list below if they are approved by NTC

Updated Full List of NTC CPD Service Providers

The current Ongoing NTC/Instill Courses for CPD Points, which targets 30, 000 Teachers is ongoing smoothly.

There are teachers who have finished with over 30 modules, you can be one of them.

New NTC- Instill Course for FREE CPD Points and Certificate online; Target 30, 000 Public and Private School Teachers

Ashanti Region Top NTC Instill Self Learning Programme for CPD Points; 45,000 Hrs of CPD Completed

You will be awarded CPD Points for Two of the Courses among the others But that does not mean you can only  do two. You can even complete all the modules for Certification and the Knowledge of Teacher Professionalism.

There are things we always do in class but are wrong, we are only repeating them because our Teachers did same. The courses will update you it will make you bring out what you are doing wrongly and Possible solutions or things to do for  better results.

Tablet Reward for Instill Education Participants- Procedure to win

For Example

Some Teachers feel it is wrong to speak the local language in class  or teach in the local Language. Actually, Your target in the classroom is to make the Learner understand what is being taught, to be able to apply.

Using the Local Language to explain things for better understanding by your students is not wrong. Allowing Your students who can not speak English, to use Local Language to ask questions or answer them is not wrong.

Read the Courses for More insight.

The CPD Points will be awarded by NTC, Instill will Provide data of all participants and their CPD Points will be credited to them by NTC.

Full List|| NTC Approved Free Courses on Upskill/Instill Online- on Mobile Phone

What to do

All you need to do is to Do a minimum of the two courses  and you get the Points. You don’t have to upload anything . Your email has been obtained, Instill will send your Certificate to your email.

If yours is not in the email, use the method below to download your Yours.

How to download Your Certificate on Upskill / Instill

CPD Points will be awarded after the course, the deadline for the Course is 30th September, 2022.




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