Teacher Professional Development


Before you apply for this upgrading you must have completed a degree course in an education related subject or course approved by the study leave program or must have serve the number of years and on the rank of Senior SUP I


  • Director General.
  • Deputy Director.
  • Assistant Director I.
  • Assistant Director II.
  • Principal Superintendent.
  • Senior Superintendent I.
  • Senior Superintendent II.
  • Superintendent II.

Distance courses, Sandwich courses and regular courses are all accepted provided they are education related.
Masters certificates are not accepted for upgrading to Principal Superintendent rank. Only first degree education related certificates are accepted.
One thing you must know is that, you will not qualify for study leave if you have already upgraded to Principal Superintendent rank with distance or sandwich certificates. If you want to outsmart the system you will have
to hold on to the upgrading, apply for study leave and when you are accepted then you can apply for the upgrading.

Here are the steps to follow to apply for upgrading to Principal superintendent rank in the Ghana Education Service using a degree certificate:

1. Write an application letter to your district education office. The letter must be addressed to the regional director through the district director or municipal director.
In your application letter state the university you attended, the year you started, the year you completed and the course you studied.

2. Attach a photocopy of your degree certificate and relevant documents example may be your first appointment letter and or personal data form.

3. Send the application letter including the photocopy of the degree certificate and other relevant documents to your district education office or municipal education office for onwards processing.

4. Keep in touch with your district education directorate or do follow ups to ascertain when the processing is done.

5. When the processing at the district level is done you will be given the documents including a covering letter from the district/district director to be sent to the regional education office for onwards processing.

6. Keep in touch with the regional office or do follow ups to be able to know when the processing at the regional office is done.

7. When the processing at the regional education office is done, you will be given an upgrading letter which is equal to a promotion letter promoting you to the rank of a Principal Superintendent. In the letter your new grade and salary level will be stated.

8. Take the upgrading letter from the regional education office to your IPPD at your district office for the final process to be done. The IPPD will instruct you on what to do among them is writing of acceptance letter and doing of photocopies of the upgrading letter and other documents including payslip. At this stage what ever is required of you the IPPD will tell you.

9. After the final process your IPPD will send your final documents to
Accra at Controller for further processing so that the upgrading, the new rank/grade and the new salary level will appear on your payslip.

This last process can take two months to six months for the effect to take place on your payslip depending on the speed of the IPPD in forwarding your documents to controller and the speed at which controller process on your documents.

If you are planning to apply for upgrading to the rank of Principal Superintendent using a degree certificate the above tips will help you know your way about.

CREDIT; Ghana Teachers Diaries



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