How to Apply

How To Apply -UCC 3 Semester Bachelor of Education Sandwich Admission Portal open

Top Up -UCC 3 Semester Bachelor of Education Sandwich Admission Portal open


Visit the Portal

Select  New Application? Or Click the Second Form to continue if  Applied Already?

Kindly fill up your details and make sure you provide the correct credentials.


First name

Middle Name(s)

Date of Birth

Phone number

Alternative phone number


Hometown Region

Postal Address


Do you have any form of disability ?

Nature of Diasability

College / University Attended
Please select your College / University attended
Year of completion
Eg. 2015
College / University Registration Number

Are you currently teaching ?

Select the class you are currently teaching

What school are u currently teaching?

District of your school

Region of your school

Please select your region of your school

What is your preferred choice of Programme ?

Select your programme of choice

Select your elective subject

(NB: The Elective you select should be in line with the Elective you offered at your previous College/University)

Select your study elective

Select your study center

Was your Diploma awarded by UCC?

Upload a copy of your College Diploma Certificate

NOTE THAT ONLY those who have passed the Diploma in Basic Education Examinations or have the DBE Certificate will be required to fill the form online. NO fee is required before filling the application form online.

Click Here to Apply Directly 

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