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How to change course after admission to SHS 2024

How to change course after admission to SHS 2023

Many parents try to outsmart the computerized School selection and Placement system CSSPs. Even though this is very difficult, it’s also easy when you are smart in selecting a school, Programme, and Residential status for your ward.

These parents have understood how the grading and placement system works hence they don’t go without getting their first choice for their children regardless of the course they choose.

Category A school, Science, Boarding Highly competitive.

List of Category A SHS SHTS TVET pdf 2023

Category A STEM Schools 2023

Category A School, Science, Day, less competitive.

Category A school, Visual Arts, Day, very low competition.

Complaining won’t change a thing, you must ensure your ward learns so well to be able to defend his/her aggregates or even prove better.

With examination malpractices, students may choose some courses at the Senior High Schools and won’t be able to do it because they may have found a way to cheat during their examination.

The Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, and the West Africa Examination Council do their best to clean this canker, with the introduction of serialization of the examination questions where a student’s question in a class or center made of different test items but the same difficulty level or questions arranged a differently.


Due to this, Most schools yes consider your grade, and still allow you to make changes to courses you can comfortably read and make it.

For some classes, the school will make you write a justified examination before finally placing you in such a class.

It is a common practice to change courses at the Senior High School.

Some students change course just by following their friends to class.

Students change courses without the knowledge of their parents or sometimes even without the knowledge of the school administration. They follow their friends to class and it takes time to identify them in such classes.

For this matter, most schools will request concern letters from parents or invite parents to the school to confirm the changes.

To change your course, or change your ward’s course, kindly see the school administration with a letter, giving a reason for the change.

Steps to change School on the Placement Platform online with Phone

How to do self-Placement online using CSSPS Portal

All SHS Schools online Admission Portal You can Download Prospectus and Contact You can call



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