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How to Change Schools within the Same district; transfer

How do I apply for inter regional transfer?

How do I write a transfer letter in GES?
What is reposting in GES?

Requirement for transfer in GES


Step 1

An Applicant seeks for an Assurance letter from a preferred District within the Region where vacancy exist.

Step 2

The receiving District Director declares objections or otherwise, by issuing an assurance letter to the applicant.

step 3

After securing the assurance letter, the Applicant Applies for Reposting from His or Her current District.

The district Director then writes a cover letter, indicating his/her consent.

The applicant must attach all neccessary documents (eg Current Payslip, Certificate, Assurance Letter, Bank Clearance etc).

The District Director then Forwards the Applicants documents to the Regional Education Office.

Step 4

The Regional Director then Gives Final Approval.

Step 5

After the Final Approval is given the current District Director then Releases the Applicants to complete the Reposting Process.

Note; A Teacher Seeking inter district Reposting can only be released by their current district after the regional Director has given the Final Approval.

GES Commences Inter Regional and Inter/Intra District Reposting – No Extension After Deadline



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