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CSSPS-How To Check  BECE School Placements (SHS)and change your course

SHS Placement for 2023/24 Academic Year

CSSP Site Live-MOE/GES visit the site here.

Here is the call centre numbers, Call this GES Official Number if you have issues

How to Buy E-voucher through MOMO.

NEW.. How to do Self Placement

Check out how to Change the Course or select subject combination for your ward in the School.


It seems recent enrolment by the SHS one(1) Students has been very low as compared to other years,

Even though the release of placement and re-opening of school almost came to crash but it also seems more students are finding it difficult to place themselves into the various SHS.

kindly Check how to do the self placement within this publication.

Be reminded you can also change your programme brings you details on how to check your school placement or do self placement on your phone with or without internet and how to change your course in the school.

Checking  BECE School Placements (SHS) made simple. Students who wrote the  Basic Education Certificate Examination that  WAEC has released are now anxious to know the SHS they got. You can now check your  placement  on your mobile phone without internet or computer.

The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), is the  system used by the Ghana Education Service  to select  qualified B.E.C.E graduates into the various  Senior High School (SHS), or TVETs in the Country. The system allows the student and parents to know the exact school among the choices made earlier that the ward or student got, the program offered and the Boarding status. All you need to do is to visit the Seekersnewsgh CSSPS Placement portal

The process is simple. one of the process is  dialing *447*160# to get your placement on your phone. You can

Select 2 Forms and E-Voucher

Placement Checker is 7 cedis

also visit the online portal,. 

The process is outlined below


Dial *920*44#

Select What you want to check. Very simple

call 0549616253 for help with the short code

 Checking Your  BECE School Placements on Your Mobile Phone

Steps to check your SHS placement.

Go to create message on your phone not WhatsApp, normal text message

Type your index number eg  10000000021 and send to short code 1060.

Details of the school placement will pop up on your phone.


Buying BECE Placement Checker

There are some accredited places   where its approved for you to purchase the BECE placement checker.

List of Approved Vendors

FACE DYNAMIC VENTURES – Tel: 0553 207927 / 0202 510037

  • ARB APEX BANK – Tel: 0302 744844
  • TRIHORN VENTURES – Tel: 0595 099040
  • QUALIVEX SOLUTIONS – Tel: 0209 698430
  • PEE AND FAUSTY GHANA LIMITED – Tel: 0247 309847
  • GHANA POST LIMITED – Tel: 0579 579100/0302 668138
  • NYARKAB LOVE VENTURES – Tel: 0559 580052/0240 395074
  • BLOOMFOUNTAIN LIMITED – Tel: 0241 688813
  • SPRINGHILL GHANA LIMITED – Tel: 0244 132008

 Checking BECE Placement online and Printing

To check your CSSPS placement online and printing, follow the steps below;

Then buy the  placement checker.

Make sure you  have  Internet access on your phone or computer

Using your computer or mobile phone(smart phone), visit the CSSPS result checker online portal

Enter your BECE index number. It is  10 digits. plus your year of examination. If your index number is 1000000000 and the year of your examination is 2021, then you will enter something like this : 100000000021

On your Result checker, you will see a serial number. Enter the serial number found on top of the scratch card

Enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number)  found on the scratch card you purchased.


The data will be processed and the results will be displayed.

Waiting For Your Result to Display

At this time your heart keep beeping and you might be praying since you do not know which school you are getting. Either your first choice or your last choice or no school.

Yes, some people will not be placed and will have to do self placement.

When the system is opened all those things will be catered for.

Wait for the results window to pop up. If you are successful, the CSSPS placement checker print form option will appear.

Print  your form.

Note; If the system is Busy especially when schools are released, system becomes very busy.

Ones result might not come. You need to wait patiently for the system to become less busy for your result to show.

You should also check your scratch card pin and serial numbers, making sure you have entered the right numbers.

Some Results are also suspended especially those who have issues with their results or schools, you will need to go to WAEC Office as the final Option. But waiting patiently can also be the solution.



The enrolment in most schools has been low, and one of the issues is people are now doing the self placement but seem to be finding it difficult.

To do the self placement here is what to do.

  1. Visit the CSSPS website
  2. Select check placement module
  3. you will be directed to the self placement module; Here you will be provided with a selection of schools to pick from based on your aggregate, choose your desire school as well as your your desired residential preference.
  4. confirm and print changes


What to do after printing your school documents.

After Printing your school placement documents, the next stage for you is going to see the head of your Basic school for final endorsement.

It is when the documents are endorsed that you will have to visit the SHS or TVET you got for registration and collection of prospectus.

The SHS or TVETs will also have a list of all students, their names, Full grades and the courses they are coming to offer.
Visit your new school check the notice Board, and make sure your name is there.

Can I Change my course when I go to the school(SHS)

Yes, Most schools allow you to change your course if you think you can not do it.

The only difficulty is not choosing science and trying to change your course to do science. Most schools will not allow you do do so.

Some schools too will write entrance exams for those who wish to do science and if you pass you will be admitted into the science program.

The change of program can be done in the school, do not pay monies to people to change the course for you.

The various courses also have sub-courses or difference. eg

General Arts classes are divided sometimes into 5 or 6 or more depending on the schools capacity

Some of the General Arts students will do Geography

Others will do French

Few will do Local languages etc

The science depending on the school will also have separate courses

Agriculture science

Science without Biology but rather Technical

Science without Biology but rather Geography

Some ICT etc.

You must know what you want to do in future to be able to select the best combination.

During the Selection most students follow their new friends to chose the combination and not because of what they want to do with it.

Proper counselling and parental guidance to be able to make the right choice.

Where the exams questions come from

Because they are new and young most of the examination questions are from the Basic school syllabus(JHS) concentrating on the BECE they wrote or something around those topics that came in their BECE.

You need to let your ward especially those going to do science to read again the BECE they wrote, ask them if they can really solve it now. Supervise them to get all the answers correct. They must keep learning.

If possible allow your ward to have some classes before school resumes. Most of the subjects offered  will be really new and will need a little bit faster teaching than at the JHS. Help your ward. By giving them that foundation to the course.





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